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I didn't realize my local record swap had so many gems.  I just went in there yesterday and they basically only have probably 75 horror movies at most.  I found Monster Squad for 5.99 which is probably the number 1 movie I have been wanting to buy.  I have only seen it once and after watching it for a second time last night, it definitely gets better with every watch.  I just love the Joe Dante style children adventure's, and MSquad might be the best because the Horror aspect of it is so solid. I already have about 300 DVDs or so, so of course it isn't easy to just go into a store and expect to find something you love.  I also picked up Changeling for 5.99 which I have also only seen once.  Most of the DVDs are used but that doesn't bother me at all.  Monster Squad was the 20th anniversary addition and also came with the mini picture that is really really cool. 

I see a lot of talk on here about the Hammer films and I am definitely tempted to pick up a few even though I have never really gotten into them.  They had a double one that had The Curse of Frankenstein I believe and then the other was a Dracula film starring Christopher Lee.  I am going to have to pick that up today I think. 

I also was tempted to get Stephen King's Storm of the Century for 3.99 considering I basically have every other one of his movies. 

I might just go in there and grab like every movie that I'm remotely interested in.  They also had VHS for 2 dollars each.  I really wish I had a VHS player I would definitely buy a few.  They had Matinee which I almost bought just because haha.

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I wish I had a store that had hidden gems, the nearest store to me that sells DVDS doesn't even have "genres", it's just a bunch of movies in the place and you find whatever. But about 6 miles away there is a huge store that sells loads of Horror movies that are hard to find and such, one of the best in my city. But I mostly buy from Amazon.

Congrtas on picking up some cool movies though!

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That's awesome. Every once in a while I find a few gems at the flea market. Several vendors sell dvds there by the hundreds. You have to pick through a lot of junk, but sometimes it's worth it. I picked up Salem's Lot (1979), Halloween 2 (1981), Halloween 6, Kill Baby Kill, Horror Express, The Satanic Rites of Dracula and The Tingler last time I was there and all for $2 a pop.

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Salem's Lot is up there on my list of movies to buy as well.  Tobe Hooper.  I got Halloween 3 the other day and am really looking to put that in come halloween time.

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^ Halloween 2 (1981) is very hard to find on DVD (where I live anyway) - It's actually near impossible. I managed to pick up a copy though, thankfully.

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Interesting.  Luckily I have had Halloween 2 for quite some time on DVD.