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thedeadshallrule wrote:

The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978) Bette Davis rules!!!

Gargoyles  (1972) I had a crush on Scott Glenn in this movie

Something Evil (1972) Directed by Steven Spielberg

I love Bette. I'll definitely add that to my list and check out the others.

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I have 2 movies

Secrets in the Walls (2011)
This was descent, it felt ab it stir of echoes, it could been pasted as 3rd the movie in that series!

possessed (2000)
Decent movie, for once it boy who get possessed and really enjoyed how the movie, how it connected to early flashback in the movie.

The women in Black  - was much better then, none scary remake!

12 Days of Terror- a really good shark movie

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I think you should look up "The Cat Creature", it's from 1973, and is a pretty good made for tv creepy flick.  Also, to a somewhat lesser degree, "Satan's Triangle" from 1975 is also pretty creepy, although mostly on account of the ending rather than the whole movie.

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