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Breaking News: I almost got arrested by a state trooper today for throwing a football back and forth with three children. Literally.

Details tomorrow...if they don't come back and arrest me for it. (no, I'm not making this up)

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is football illegal where you live?  WTF

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I could understand it if you were dwarf tossing, but just a football?  Weird, man.

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What the hell?

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You just must look arrestable;)

Nice to "see" you again, been acting lately?

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on todays episode of: the life and times...

so I'm at my lady friends house in Ky. spending the weekend with her and her son. Her son has 2 friends over and we're all outside. (these are all 15-16 yr. olds) I'm throwing the football back and forth with them. I'm in their yard and the boys are apparently on the sons grandmothers property.

The grandmother had recently posted a "no trespassing" si
gn by the road, but I didn't see it because it was facing the road and I didn't know it was there. So she lives about a block away and sees the kids out there. She rides her golf cart out and blows the horn on it. She wants them off the property. Well big's an empty field about 3 acres in size.

Anyway, the sons father drives by and sees me throwing football with the kids and when he gets to the corner of the road (we're out in the country around here) he gets mad and burns rubber when he takes off. Smoke was rolling from the tires of the Mustang he was driving he was so mad. Well, you divorced her 8 YEARS ago dude, get over it.

So anyway, the old battle ax drives over on her golf cart (by this time me and the boys have switched sides and I was on her property.) The last time I checked, it was illegal to drive a golf cart on a public road first of all. So she wheels up and says..."Can you read?" I respond..."Yeah can you?"

Long story short she gives me a huge attitude and I give her an attitude right back because as far as I'm concerned she is picking on 3 kids, one of which is her own grandson. I pretty tell her to get her old ass back home and shut the hell up and we'll just throw ball in our yard. She gave the excuse of saying she would get sued if one of the kids got hurt. Yeah, throwing a football back and forth is real dangerous lady.

So anyway she threatens to call the cops. I say go ahead. I call the Sheriffs office myself to explain exactly what happened, because we all know how people like to exaggerate. So I reach a deputy and started to explain things. Then a state trooper rolls up in the house. He is mad and starts in on me. Then my lady friend starts explaining to him how she has been tormented by this family ever since her divorce 8 years ago.

Getting to the end...we explained everything and the trooper left without arresting me. I think he finally understood that the old bag was trying to push things too far. Hopefully this is the end of it and there won't be anything else to become of it because granted, it is private property and no one is allowed on it. But I assured the trooper I wouldn't go over the property line anymore.

Hmmmm......what's next??? LOL


Yes I have. did a short speaking role on the new tv show "Nashville" it was awesome! I'll let you know when it airs.

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damn ace that is so petty i have kids crossing my yard all the time and they asked if they could and i don't care as long as they don't litter or anything like that.

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I feel you, man.  My sister has been going through the same harrassment bullshit with her kid's dad's family for twenty years.  So much stupidity and pettiness could be avoided if idiots just learned to let shit go...

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"Get off my yard, you whippersnapper!"
Dear monkey balls, that is so stupid.

This is why I stick Bobo
On my porch with a sign saying, "Don't be stupid, or I'll knife your ass but good."

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I'm tellin' ya. It's like the hatfield and mccoys around here.

the dad went by earlier and stared his son down, then squeeled tires right in front of their house. lucky for him I was gone.

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That's werid that a State Trooper would even show at some bullshit like that. Usually they don't handle calls unless it's something serious.

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I had a neighbor like that and I would simply throw my dog shit (from a shovel) into their yard.  I hate people like that, so bitter because no one loves them.  I'm glad that you're not in any trouble.  When you first posted it I was thinking trouble for playing with kids (both are stupid reasons to get in trouble).