Topic: junji ito petition

Hi, I've made a petition to have more Junji Ito titles published in English. I have everything they've published here in America, and like a lot of people, like owning hard copies instead of just reading scanlation on my laptop. If you could, please sign and tell all your friends! Thanks!  ipetitionsDOTcom/petition/junji-ito-in-english/

Re: junji ito petition

It would be cheaper and take less time for you to learn Japanese and import over the copies (not too expensive) than it would for someone to notice a petition like that and more than likely shrug it off.  Manga just isn't as popular as it was 10 years ago.  I never was a fan, but I have friends that WERE fans and because so much of it is dropping off, they just don't read anymore.  Japanese isn't the easiest language to learn but if you're a manga fan, it would come in handy more than it wouldn't.