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Code Name: King - A Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi /Action Superhero Comic Book series from Filmmaker Tony 'Tex Watt!

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-Story: From underground Tony Watt Inc. ( TWI ) Studios, comes :"Code Name: King", based on the unpublished screenplay, turned 'mini-graphic novel' by cult actor/filmmaker: Tony 'Tex' Watt. Code Name: King tells the strange tale of what became of a legendary [supposedly deceased ] rock star; nicknamed "King"; who mysteriously returns to life as a fighting super-patriot, serving undercover [after faking his death, with the U.S. Government] as a massive elderly, steroid popping paramilitary assassin, super-agent & soldier for hire. Our colorful anti-hero is out to wage war against those who have done wrong against himself & America! "The Capture" is the first book in this epic, bloody & erotic journey!

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Hello Comic Fans!

FIRST CAME THE Amazon Kindle Fire e-BOOK...NOW, HERE IS THE GRAPHIC NOVEL!.....In blood Red Color!!!!!'s Finally Here, comic-book & Kindle Fire fans!...Code Name King,Collector's Edition #1 , the comic book series is here..Please feel free to TO LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW, THAT to purchase a copy & rate/review at this Amazon link: ... Cob1CAG996, to let me know what ya think [also kindle & comics/graphic novel forum shout-outs would be very appreciated, for library & bookstore discounts, please contact: ].....SOON TO BE A MOTION PICTURE...stay tuned !
Code Name: King: The Capture (Book #1) (Volume 1)

p.s: REMEMBER E-BOOK LOVERS...Kindle eBook version [w/page samples is available here at this link: :

p.s.s: Tex Watt's Pix in attachment for press coverage [suitable for hanging..over a commode!], and is available for interviews by contacting:

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