Topic: Horror Actress Competition

I've just started a new website called Hollywood Scream Test.  It's an idea I've dreamed about for a long time...a competition for aspiring horror movie actresses.  We plan to shoot 8 actresses - 2 scenes each, 1 where she plays a victim and meets a bloody demise and 1 where she plays a murderous villain. Visitors to the site will vote online for their favorite actress and the winner will get cash and prizes.  We're not far from Hollywood so we expect a lot of very talented actresses to audition.  We're also going to work with some innovative make up and effects artists.  There's a forum on our website where visitors can help us write the scenes that the actresses will perform.  We're funding the movie through IndieGoGo.  We shot a promo video which you can see on our site, on Indie or on YouTube.

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See that link?  That's our SPAMMERS BEWARE thread.  Give it a read. wink