Topic: Finally watched The Gate 1987

Any fans?

This movie is definitely one of the best horror's of the 80s.  Reminded me in a few parts of the Nightmare on Elm St. Series just how the film started off with a dream.  It also had a similar look to Nightmare on Elm St. 

I was taken off guard by how much of a fright fest it was.  There are a lot of scary scenes and though this movie is about a group of kids, it doesn't seem too much like a kids movie. 

I love Horror films that also have a combination of teens/kids and horror.  Lost Boys, Monster Squad, Silver Bullet, Nightmare on Elm St, Gremlins, Fright Night.  The Gate slides right into that category.

Re: Finally watched The Gate 1987

It's been many, many years -- in fact, I think the last time I saw it was also the first time I saw it, when it first hit VHS way back then lol -- but I remember enjoying it quite a bit.  But I was a teen myself at the time, and I recently re-watched The Horror Show which I also hadn't seen since a teenager but remembered liking, only to find it sorely lacking today.  I'll have to give this flick another look.  I do remember it being quite popular with kids my age at the time.

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I find it to be a fun flick.  Even has a young Stephen Dorff.    I think when I saw it years ago, it was kind of scary, but I re-watched, and I didn't find it as scary, but still fun.

Re: Finally watched The Gate 1987

Awesome and fun movie!