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Hi everyone, my name is Jake McNeillie. I wrote a graphic novel by the name of Avenger of Blood: Genesis and am trying to get the artwork finished and printed by utilizing the help of a website named

Here is the link to the kickstarter: … ct-1-softc

Avenger of Blood: Genesis is a tragic psychological revenge horror graphic novel. Child abuse, murder, and revenge may be on the surface but at the core of this disturbing tale is redemption, loss, betrayal, and the power of family.

Fans of true crime, dark fiction, vigilante justice, ghost stories, and psychological horror will be drawn to it. It is based off of the shocking and true 1965 Indiana Torture Slaying of Sylvia Marie Likens. The true account is still considered to be the most shocking and brutal crime against humanity to have ever taken place in Indiana. The reason for the campaign will be to raise funds to finish the artwork and print semigloss perfect binding soft cover books of Act 1 entitled Dear Sylvia.

It would be awesome if you all could donate and/or help spread the word on reddit, facebook, web comic list, etc

Internationally renowned singer songwriter, Nick Cave of the Bad Seeds and his publishing company Mute Song Ltd. are allowing me to use a quote from one of their songs on the title page. In addition to singing and songwriting, Nick Cave is an actor, an author of 2 books, a composer (The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, The Road), and a screenwriter (Lawless, The Proposition).

A percentage of the profits will go to a charity named Child Abuse Prevention Foundation Charity ~ Fighting Violence Against Children ~ 401-KIDS. This charity was created to prevent the cycle of abuse that can be passed down from adult to children by temporarily housing kids en route to a better home.

I love that kickstarter has created an outlet for independent artist without interference or censorship from publishers that may come crashing down on originality and integrity. Please help out if you can.

Here is the link to the graphic novel website:

Press the read button to get started reading the graphic novel!

Here is the link to our blog:

To also keep in touch we have a facebook group: … mp;fref=ts

and page: … mp;fref=ts

Lemme know what you all think.

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