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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine today about what you want to do in life, not like your "ideal job" - but something you just want to do before you pass away. I'll start off.

I'd love, and I mean love to just go out into the wild and live for a month or so (like the film Into The Wild), I mean having no plans, no worries, just living. I'd love to do that, just getting away from it all you know? Being out in nature and taking everything with no worries of assignments, deadlines, what time to get up at tomorrow. It would be, just living.

No matter your age, everyone has a dream (a goal if you wish to call it). It can be anything, we can share them here.

(P.S. I couldn't find another thread like this, so made one)

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My dream: to write and direct my own screenplays.  I won't stop until I have, even if I have to shoot the damn thing on video myself.

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Right now- get a job.  In the future- have a kid.  If I win the lottery, me Ace & Lon are getting together to make a movie.

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To write and direct my own slasher movie. Which would be very possible, I just can't because of my job right now.

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I was pondering on a HM member movie, but all I came up with was the ending credit sequence (part of a PM I sent to Lon earlier)-

Like the end credits to Buckaroo Bonzai where everyone walks into a group.  You got shit blowing up behind you, Howdy is is doing his demony floating thing, I'm running over with a knife and/or sword, and Vampy is just looking pissed, and probably punches a car salesman on her way over.  Hell, we can toss Ace in throwing himself off of something just for the fun of it, DG doing wheelies on her bike, Wolfy riding an actual wolf, Mavie prancing around in a bikini, and Mr. Black running around in a big panda suit.

Yeah, that would be epic.  And we'd all probably end up in jail.  lol

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Reported, of course.

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Re: Your dreams

First my dream is to finish the book I've been working on for the last two years. After that, I'd like to get to a place where I'm earning a decent amount of money with my books and just continue on from there.