Topic: The Wolverine (2013)

Its release date is July 26, 2013 and will delve more into Wolverine's origins and have him travel to Japan. Silver Samurai will be making his film debut, so I'm interested as to how he will be interpreted on screen. I like how the X-Men movie universe is always expanding with its prequels so I'll be watching this for sure. Also, the first official photo that was just released is pretty cool. Looks like Wolverine won't be sporting his spiked hair, though I hope we get a not-so corny version of his yellow suit.

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I want to be excited for this flick, I really do.  But the simple fact is I'm just not a fan of this character.  I grew tired of him in the comics LONG before he ever showed up in the movies, and Jackman, a very good actor and despite his best efforts in the role, has always felt miscast to me. 

He'd make a perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman (pay attention, Warner Bros) but please...enough Wolverine.

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on the plus side they've got James Mangold directing, this guy did Cop Land and Girl interrupted, Walk the line and 3:10 to Yuma

Literally the perfect guy to turn this shit around.

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A lot of what killed my interest was Darren Aronofsky (sp) dropping out as director not long before the camera were set to roll.  That would have been really interesting, I think.  Mangold's a solid director -- I'm a fan of his films Cop Land, Heavy, Identity, 3:10 to Yuma and Walk the Line -- but again, I'm just so bored with this character any more that even the prospect of seeing Silver Samurai on-screen isn't enough to get my pumped for it. hmm