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Gory greetings and spooky salutations Stuff & Wkdblue - mmm, blue WKD's - yum! big_smile
Enjoy your time on here guys.

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Hey all.  Jack Burton on the Pork Chop Express and I'm talking to anybody out there that can hear me...

I'm 29, part-time musician/full time day walker.  Love Music, mainly Hard Rock/Metal..but really almost anything.  Also love horror seen all the classic Nasties and a lot of underground experimental stuff.  Just looking to meet some fellow freaks and ghouls to pass the time.

Hit me up.


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Welcome Jack! Enjoy the site.
P.s - if Azathoth offers you any bananas - do NOT accept them - I did when I first registered and I woke up 2 weeks later in a skip with no memory of the last fortnight. They're no ordinary bananas. sad


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"When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Monkey Az always says at a time like that: "Have ya paid your dues, Azzy?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."

I think you'll fit in here quite nicely.

Edit- Oh, thanks Fulci, I forgot my standard complimentary banana offer!  As you can see, I've upgraded the quality of them-


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azathoth...I like ya already.  Thanks everyone.


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Don't worry, you'll hate me in about 2 days.  Everyone else already does,  lol .

(You did say "hit me up.") tongue

(Side note- anyone else notice we're breaking in the newbies faster than usual recently?)

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Welcome aboard, Jack. smile


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Welcome into the frenziness JackBurton.
Have fun, it's an order!!! lol


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Welcome to our humble abode, new members!


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Vasquez wrote:
wkdblue wrote:

hi, i'm a aircooled vdub/beach/cornwall/peace luvin guy and i love horror. smile
amongst others i like scream,i know what you did last summer,last house on the left,the grudge, wolf creek, too many to mention.
slasher/asian horror/creature features tend to be my fave but also like the 50's B movies and hammer horror.
look  forward to reading some of your recommendations/suggestions. smile

Ive been in the mood for some fun 50's B movie horror recently. Ive watched Attack of the 50ft Woman, Tarantula, THEM! and the Beast from 20.00 Fathoms. i bet u have already watched all those already though. What are ur favourites of 50's b movie horror i would be very interested to hear what ones you have watched.

Tarantula and the giant gila monster were the last 2 i watched, Them and The Blob would be my fave of what i've seen so far. I trawl through you tube usually to watch them smile

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Cool new members... any kids? Or atleast adolescent?

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Hello. I'm Closet Monster and I love slasher films.

Great site!

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Hi Closet Monster, welcome to the asylum!  I'm the resident monkey, have a complimentary banana.  smile


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Haha. Thanks. smile


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I tend to be the jokester around here.  Except for spammers.  They get their hides chewed.  One of the mods even created a "great hits" thread for my spam chewing.

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Oh, so you're a moderator?

If so, I had a question. Is it possible to make this my avatar?: http://oi48.tinypic.com/206kltg.jpg


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Actually, I'm not a mod, they're all just my friends, and I've been here a while.

The problem you're having is that, that file is 729KB is size, where the maximum allowed is 149KB.  When it comes to GIF pictures, I actually don't know much about that.  Lon (LoudLon) plays with them a lot, so you could ask him for some ideas.  I don't know if just shrinking the size of it would help or not.

It's hard to fit a photo-realistic GIF into 149KB, which is why any animated avatars you'll see are usually just cartoony ones.  Sorry, you can PM Lon (the "PM" button under everyone's avatar; say Azzy sent you) and ask if he has any ideas on it.  sad


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Welcome to the madhouse Closet Monster. smile


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Always happy to see new members Closet Monster. Hope U Enjoy your stay.


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Yeah, there have been a bunch of newbies that joined over the summer and have stayed and contributed.

I'll have to try harder in the future to scare them off, lol !

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Oh, it's no big deal, azathoth. Just kind of wondering.

Thanks, Fulcento and Vasquez. smile

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Yes, welcome, Closet Monster! I dig the profile pic.

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Thank you, Creature.

Not sure what profile pic you saw; I've been changing it a lot. This one feels right, though.

Your profile pic is badass!

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Hey Closet Monster! I love slashers too, what are some of your faves? Hope to chat soon smile x

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Hi Closet Monster