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I've had The Monster Squad in steady rotation for the last couple months.  I am 26 years old and NEVER saw it as a kid.  It seems a lot of people love the film because of nostalgia, but the movie is also good enough for a grown ass man to love it in 2012.

Then last night, I watched Night of the Creeps.  I had seen this years ago but this was before I had fallen in love with Dekker's direction on The Monster Squad.  I had no idea Night of the Creeps was so good.  Tom Atkins had me laughing out loud at pretty much everything he did or said.  Just like The Monster Squad, Night of the Creeps has such a clean look and feel.  Hard to explain but the cinematography is sort of Spielbergian, with a little more of an 80s feel thanks to the sets/clothes/music.  Night of the Creeps just has it.  You would think that there are more movies like this but there really aren't.  Night of the Creeps has a pretty darn strong romance going for it as well.  Basically I just love teen/horror movies like Nightmare on Elm St.  When you mix in some comedy and a little more romance, and put Fred Dekker behind the camera, this is what you get.  A B-movie that turned out better than most A-movies.  John Hughes style music in all the love scenes is a huge plus for me as well..And then Dick Miller popping up outta nowhere just seals the fucking deal for me, big time.

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Well just don't bash Monster Squad especially when older people like me who grew up as kids in the 1980s and were raised on these movies

Lost Boys
Monster Squad
The Stuff
Fright Night 1
Teen Wolf
The Howling 1 and 2
Once Bitten.

I swear Monster Squad gets picked on  by those who never grew up at the right time  back then in the 1980s.  I'm 32 and I was around at the right time whenever Monster Squad came out for VHS rentals and on HBO back in the day. Even when I was a teen in the early 1990s I still watched Monster Squad and the other old 1980s movies that my parents recorded off of HBO.

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^ I don't really hear people bashing Monster Squad.  Do you?  People here seem to give it a lot of included.  A lot of people not here either never heard of it, or don't care.

I'm not arguing with either of you though...great movie.  Great other movies referenced in your posts too.

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Still love Monster Squad, and Night of the Creeps often makes my Top 10 list (I change it a lot).

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Night of the Creeps is real close to my top 10 as well atleast as far as 80s is concerned.

Basically it is just a perfect blend of horror and teen comedy.  There aren't too many horror movies that bust into John Hughes love scenes out of nowhere without looking completely ridiculous.

No one is bashing The Monster Squad.  That movie is seriously something special as well.  Both movies just have this look/feel to them.  Sort of like Fright Night but with better dialogue and way better looking women.

There are only so many movies you can throw in and get a mix of 80s music, teen romance, and good horror.  Friday the 13th does it but the best movies of that series have more of a late 70s, early 80s feel than I am looking for.  Nightmare on Elm Street series does it pretty well. Night of the Comet comes to mind with a similar kick ass soundtrack, and some solid teen romance.  I wish there were more movies as well done as Night of the Creeps and Night of the Comet.  I would definitely put Gremlins on the list. Lost Boys of course. Chuck Russel's the Blob has what I am looking for.  The Gate does a great job at capturing the feel as well.

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