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So I'm looking to trade some dvds with other members if I have anything in the list below that might be interesting to someone. Make an offer, lets see if we can swing a deal!

While I know I'm essentially appearing as a  newer member, I believe I may have been a part of the first dvd trade on this board under the name Killjoy with a member named Bullin. I've also shipped some stuff to a nice gentleman named Goon, specifically a VHS copy of Razorback.

Being a fairly unknown quantity I'm certainly willing to ship out a dvd first if a trade should arise, however I have been around these parts before, I respect the board and the members. Its one of the few places real horror fans can go and not be subjected to the needless disrespect and BS that's comes with so many places on the internet. I assure you that I am not some random weirdo  that...well maybe a little wier..Wait, um, there was that thing with the cheerleader outfit..but that was for the team...and uh...NO! Hang on! I mean I can...If you need to..I.....


In any case here's what I have to offer for trade...

The Carrier
The Dead Matter
The Horde
Mirrors 2
Return To Horror High
The Thing (Newest one)


The Job ( Dennis Leary - Complete Series )
Time Bandits

Now, what am I looking for:

Chopping Mall
Hard Core Logo
Race with the Devil

Really, anything else you may have to offer, please let me know what you're willing to part with.

Thanks for checking this out.

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I remember "Killjoy."  So what happened?  Did you forget your password or something? lol

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Hey Lon

My wife has Crones Disease and we almost lost her a while back after surgery complications, she's  100% now and off all meds, but it was rough  for a while. I've been just re-discovering things that I used to be into, now, that I have the ability to be more involved with stuff.

All is good now, just had to man up and take care of husbandly stuff for a while.

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Good man.  And welcome back. smile

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Oh, that's a nasty one.  Don't remember you (maybe before my time), but my best wishes to you and your wife.

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Well, thank you both for the kind words.