Topic: jug's DVD/BLU/VHS trade list

This may seem dumb but I would prefer to keep it US. But if you are in Canada and have something I'm just dying to get I will definitely consider. Also willing to sell. Have not traded here previously but have done many trades via- facebook groups, youtube, and on BD forums.

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th Deluxe Edition
Friday the 13th Part 2
Friday the 13th Part 3
Friday the 13th Part 4
Friday the 13th Part 8
Bats Human Harvest
The Beyond (Anchor Bay)
Martyrs (R-rated)
The Bone Collector
The Breed
Bubba Ho-Tep
Army of Darkness
Exorcism of Emily Rose
I’Robot 2 Disc Special Edition (Region 2)
Hellraiser III
Hellraiser Hellworld
HackJob (sealed)
Night Watch
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OG)
Toolbox Murders (remake)
Trailer Park of Terror


Deep Red clam
It Lives Again clam
Death Race 2000 clam
Dawn of the Dead Anchorbay clam
Autopsy Anchorbay clam
Torso Anchorbay clam
Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things VCI slip (will trade for DVD copy of film)

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