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Of course you're looking for something to read.  It's darn near Halloween and you're ready to read some frightful fables.  The thing is, your time is valuable and you don't have all day to pour through some thousand page tome.  You need a quick horror fix that fits your schedule.  Well friends, you're in luck.

I finally managed to put together a book of (really) short stories.  Each one only takes about 2 and half minutes to read from start to finish.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"Hey, Tee, good for you, except this is, not  Some kind of writer you are.  Learn how to read."

Well, never fear, because I made a (short) movie as well.  It's a hair under 6 and a half minutes long.

You can check out the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and watch the movie on YouTube.  Heck, I've even got a website.

I guess some of you were wondering, "Is this what's kept TeeSeeBee away for so long?, while others were thinking, "Wait, you were gone?", which leaves the rest of you pondering, "Are you the TeeSeeBee Meh keeps telling us to trip in case of zombie attack during the board update (btw, thanks Meh)?"  The answer is "yes" to all three.

Either way, once I get a hold of Mistress, I've got some ideas swirling and the editorializing will continue!  It's good to be back.

1-  The Thing In The Closet:  A little girl discovers more about her new classmate than she wants to know.

2-  Irreconcilable Differences:  Following a divorce, a woman and her ex-husband have one last piece of business to resolve.

3-  Never Forgotten:  Love and vengeance never die.

4-  Depredadores y Presas:  A man finds the American Dream to be different than what he expected.

5-  Grave Post:  The Internet has more hazards than a young woman expects.

6-  Drunken Devil:  A curious gift and a crippling addiction combine to create misery for one man.

7-  Gone Fishing:  A boy discovers that some places are never truly unattended.

8-  Too Good To Be True:  A young woman gets the deal of a lifetime...if she can live with it, that is.

9-  Gone To The Dogs:  Terror and tragedy transform a young man's life.

10- All's Well That Ends Well:  A man battles for the life of a young girl.

11- Hell Hath No Fury:  After an expedition to a restricted area, a man learns something about respect.

12- Smart Enough To Hate:  A lake's most dangerous inhabitant contemplates his existence.

13- Breaking The Cycle:  A woman finds a way out of an abusive relationship.

14- To Do What Is Right:  A man learns that he cannot escape his duty.

15- Better Left Unasked:  A man assisting a priest's killer learns that religion and business don't mix.

16- Setting Things Right:  The relationship between a mother and daughter takes a terrible turn.

17- Odd One Out:  An unexpected gift brings terror to a young mother.

18- Having Her Cake:  Some women will do anything to have it all.

19- Like Father, Like Son:  A boy learns his family's tragic secret.

20- Out Of Sight...:  A father/daughter trip to the playground takes a horrifying turn.

21- Parental Responsibility:  Parents are held accountable for the actions of their son.

22- Business As Usual:  A normal day on the job for a man with a very unusual profession.

23- Decisions, Decisions:  A bored housewife finds excitement, but at what cost?

24- Going Out On Top:  A bullied teen takes matters into his own hands...with a little help.

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Re: Looking for something to read?

Right on, I'll be checking them out.

But no need to feel persecuted.  EVERYBODY sees that "trip in case of a zombie attack" thing, except with their own name and avatar. lol

Re: Looking for something to read?

cool...something to squeeze in between the two other books I'm reading.

Re: Looking for something to read?

EVERYBODY sees that "trip in case of a zombie attack" thing, except with their own name and avatar.

Ah, I did not know that.  And here I was feeling special.  wink

Re: Looking for something to read?

The first time I noticed it, I thought it was just for me as well.  I even accused Meh of trying to prank me. lol