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Nov 7 - When the Lights went out (2012) - In the midst of the oil crisis and black outs, the Maynard family moves into their dream home in 1974 Yorkshire, only to find a presence already living there.  It soon becomes apparent that their daughter Sally is the main focus of the presence's attentions.  As the hauntings become more frightening and Sally begins to withdraw, it becomes obvious that they must either leave the house or find a way to cleanse it of the spirits living within.  A well done ghost story with great atmosphere and some good old school creeps, right up util the end when they threw in some unecessary CGI.  I thought that the use of shadows, lighting, score and atmosphere were far more effective in building tension.  It did however give me goose bumps on several occasions.  Overall, well done.  4/5.  First watch.  Oh, and DG, I think you would really like this one. smile

The Bay (2012) - Almost a decade after the fact and after the government tried to cover up the event, former reporter Donna Thompson uses footage obtained from the internet, news cameras, video cameras, cell phones and surveilence cameras to recount the tragic events that befell a small costal Maryland community.  During their annual 4th of July celebration, a type of isopod, common to fish, morphs and finds its way into the bodies of the townspeople.  A very original take on the found footage/faux documentary genre with a plausible and downright scary ecological theme.  It does have its flaws, but overall, the performances were very believable and the film was well done.  4/5.  First watch.

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Thursday Nov 8th- watched Jess Franco's Count Dracula starring Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski.  It is actually fairly accurate to Bram Stoker's Dracula.  But the best part of the DVD was the special features with Christopher Lee reading Stoker's novel!  Awesome!

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Nov 8 - Citadel (2012) - Suffering from chronic agoraphobia since his wife was brutally attacked by a gang of feral children, young father Tommy struggles to care for his infant daughter while fighting his own demons.  The gang soon returns to terrorize Tommy further, snatching away his daurghter.   Tommy teams with a vigilante priest to find his daughter and learn the truth about the gang of feral children.  But in order to succeed, he must face his fears head on and return to the one place he fears the most, his former home and the site of the tragedy that befell his wife, The Citadel.  I was really looking forward to this one, and for the most part it did not disappoint.  I was a bit distracted while watching it, so I feel a rewatch is in order, but I still really enjoyed it.  3.5/5.  First watch.

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Friday Nov 9th-

Had a friend come over tonight.  She had never even heard of Hammer Horror before so we watched Horror of Dracula with some red wine.  I think she liked it?  She thought it was a little cheesy but she liked the costumes and the storyline.

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Nov 9 - Bloodletting (1997) - Fascinated with mass murderers, Serena tracks down Butch Harlow, the most famous serial killer to avoid capture.  She convinces him to allow her to become his apprentice, and together they go on a killing spree.  Low budget cheese, but it did have its moments.  2.5/5.  First watch.

Nov 10 - A Little Bit Zombie (2012) - Infected with a virus that is turning him into a zombie, a mild mannered HR manager tires to curb his appetite for human brains to avoid incuring the wrath of his soon to be bride.  A nice twist on the zombie genre with a few good laughs.  Nothing overly special, but still fun.  3/5.  First watch.

Nov 11 - In Their Skin (2012) - After the tragic death of their 6 year old daughter, the Hughes family retreats to their isolated cottage to unwind and get away from their hectic suburban life.  When they invite the neighbors over for dinner, the weekend becomes a nightmare as they realize that the neighbors are looking for more than a meal and some company.  A nice twist on the home invasion theme that focuses more on the drama, story and characters.  All in all, a decent flick.  3/5.  First watch.

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Nov 12 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - Finally got around to checking out the remake.  While it is not a bad movie per se, I just don't see the point.  Apart from the darker atmosphere and some added back story, it really didn't bring anything new to the table.  And to make matters worse, they did away with the wise cracking Freddy, which was really part of the charm of the original.  2/5.  First watch.

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Nov 13 - The Apparition (2012) - When strange events begin occuring in their new home, a young couple discover that they are being haunted by an unknown presence that was accidentally released during a parapsychology experiment.  Ashley Greene was nice to look at in her underwear, but that was about it.  Had the look and feel of something made to appeal to the twilight crowd.  2/5.  First watch.

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Nov 14 - The Curse of February 29 (2006) - After a driver hands her a bloody ticket, a tollboth attendant discovers that a lethal curse strikes the tollbooth every leap year on the 29th.  Picked this one up after Az mentioned it a few days back.  Overall it was okay.  It takes a long time to get going, but it does get more interesting towards the end.  2.5/5.  First watch.

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Nov 15 - The Possession of Joel Delaney (1972) - When her younger brother is arrested for attacking his building superintendent, single mother and New York socialite Norah Benson rescues him from the psychiatric hospital and takes him into her home.  But as his behavior becomes more erratic and bizarre, she begins to suspect that the cause may lie in his dabblings in Santeria and his Puerto Rican friend who was suspected of several guresome ritual murders.  Definitely a slow burn with not a ton of action, but an interesting story and terrific performances by Perry King and Shirley Maclain.  And it predates The Exorcist as far as possession flicks go.  3/5.  First watch.

Touch of Death (1988) - Lester Parsons is a bored middle aged gigalo with a taste for ugly wealthy woment, games of chance and human flesh.  Scanning the personal ads, he finds new victims to feed his growing gambling addiction and his hunger.  But can the police catch up to him before his debt collectors or his own concious can.  A goofy Lucio Fulci flick with some nice dark humor and cheesy gore effects.  Bad, but still semi-entertaining.  2/5.  First watch.

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DirtyGirl wrote:

Sounds good to me Demon...  You're in cottage country aren't you?   Is it pretty there this time of year?

haha only when the flowers are blooming.... but it is lovely and beautiful and all those freaky words, its just it! IT is! and IT IS fuckin Great... soma what ya think?

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Saturday the 10th-  Dracula 1931

Sunday the 11th-  Lisa and the Devil

Monday the 12th-  Suspiria

Tuesday the 13th-  Maniac

wednesday the 14th- Fade to Black, great movie!

thursday the 15th-  Captain Kronos Vampire Killer

friday the 16th-  Legend of Hell House

saturday the 17th-  The Devil's Plaything 1974,  Not my thing but the guys might like it.
                                Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks with intro by Elvira, Better than the first
                                movie but not by much!

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So is that free on wed morn?

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What do you have planned? smile

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Well, we start off getting out of my bed, and the day just keeps getting more *wonderful!

* that was for you, you wonderful girl

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Are you serving some good wine?  because I like a good bottle of wine smile

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Sunday the 18th- 

Zoltan the Hound of Dracula 1978.  Not as cheesy as it sounds, it was actually not bad. 

The Pact-  Damn now that was creepy!  Give me more movies like that one please!

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Nov 16 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) - After replaying the tape of a request call where two obnoxious yuppies were killed, DJ 'Stretch' Brock finds herself terrorized by the cannabalistic family responisible for their deaths.  She teams up with renegade Texas lawman 'Lefty' Enright, who has been on the family's trail for years, to attempt to put an end to their killing spree.  Goofy at times, but still a fun watch.  2.5/5.  First watch.

Nov 17 - ParaNorman (2012) - Outcast and misunderstood because of his unique abilities, Norman and his unlikely cast of oddballs battle ghosts, zombies and growns to save their town from an ancient curse.  Definitely more of a kid flick, but it was cute and fun.  3/5.  First watch.

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Nov 20 - Jack and Diane (2012) - Two teenage girls, Jack and Diane, meet in New York and immediately hit it off.  As their mutual attraction grows, Jack learns that Diane will be leaving in two weeks to attend school in France.  Not wanting to get hurt, Jack pushes Diane away.  Diane struggles to keep their love alive while hidding the secret that her awakening sexual desire is causing her to have horrific visions.  An odd movie that is really more of a love story with horror elements thrown in.  It does feature strong performances by both of the leads, Riley Keough (Elvis' eldest granddaughter) and Juno Temple who I have a serious crush on.  And it also has Kylie Minogue in it.  2.5/5.  First watch.

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Nov 21 - Singapore Sling (1990) - A detective searching for his long lost lover stumbles upon a remote villa and two women burying a body in the yard.  The women, a crazy duo of mother and daughter, capture him and proceed to torture him.  A very odd one indeed, vomitting and urination are just some of the fun torture methods featured, but it is beautifully shot in black and white.  2.5/5.  First watch.

Nov 22 - Thriller: A Cruel Picture -  A young woman, mute since the day she was rapped as a child, is abducted, hooked on heroine and forced into prostitution.  Saving her earnings, she trains to seek violent revenge on those that have wronged her.  3/5.  First watch.

Nov 23 - Benny's Video (1992)  - A 14 year old video enthusiast becomes so caught up in film fantasy that he can no longer relate to the real world.  But when he commits murder and video tapes it, the reality sets in that his actions have grave implications for he and his family.  Another thought prevoking film by Michael Haneke.  3/5.  First watch.

Nov 23 - Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012) - The inbred mountain men are back to terrorize, this time, the unlucky people attending the Mountain Man Festival.  First of all, how is it possible that a town hosting a music festival is completely deserted at night?  Then there was the town which looked like the back lot at Universal Studios, with streets barely big enough for a single vehicle.  And there was the moutain man makeup, which looked horrible.  Just poorly done all the war around.  1/5.  First watch.

Nov 24 - The Revenant (2009) - A second viewing and I still love this flick.  4.5/5.  Rewatch.

Nov 25 - The Exorcist 2: The Heretic (1977) - 2/5.  Rewatch.

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Nov 26 - Horror High (1974) - Nerdy highschool student Vernon Potts works tirelessly on his science project, creating a potion to transform his pet guinea pig Mr. Mumps.  But when he is forced to ingest the potion himself, he transforms into a monster hell bent on seeking revenge against the students and faculty who have tormented him throughout his highschool career.  A cheesy low budget drive in flick from the 70's that features death by acid, death by a paper cutter and death by track spikes.  I can remember seeing the paper cutter sceen years ago and it has stuck in my mind ever since.  Bad but in a fun way.  2.5/5.  First watch.

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Nov 27 - The Unseen (1980) - A trio of young female reporters travel to the small town of Solvang to cover its annual festival.  But when they arrive they find that there has been a mistake with their reservations.  With no rooms available in the immediate area, they are forced to accept an invitation to stay at the large farmhouse of an odd museum owner.  Once there, they discover that the museum owner and his shy sister are hiding a secret, one that may prove deadly to the young women.  Even though it had a bit of nudity, it still had the feel of an 80's made for TV movie.  Pretty tame and uneventful with Stephen Furst's performance as 'The Unseen' being about the only highlight.  2/5.  First watch.

Nov 28 - Sinister (2012) - To write his next book, true crime author Ellison Oswalt moves his family into the house where a horrible crime had been commited.  Once there, he discovers a box of 8mm movies depicting several grisly murders including the murders that took place in their new home.  As he begins to put the pieces together, odd things begin to happen in the house and Ellison is left to wonder if his latest project will ultimately lead to his family becomming the next victims.  I know some people have panned this, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  Good creepy atmosphere and tension with a few scares thrown in.  The ending was less than desireable, but overall, I thought it was well done.  3.5/5.  First watch.

Nov 29 - The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) - When a young women, Emily Rose dies, apparently as a result of a failed exorcism, her priest, Father Moore is arrested and charged with negligent homicide.  Now it is up to agnostic defense lawyer Erin Bruner to save further embarassment for her client the Archdiocese, and defend Father Moore.  But when he insists on telling Emily's story by taking the stand in his own defense, she must decide if it is worth risking her own career in order for the truth to be told.  Wow, I can't believe that I never got around to watching this one before.  I loved the mix of a courtroom drama with a chilling horror story.  Just really well done.  4/5.  First watch.

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Nov 30 - Doctor Gore (1973) - Mad with grief over the death of his wife, an unhinged scientist begins killing beautiful young girls and assembling their various parts to construct the perfect woman.  Apart from the bright red blood, the FX were actually pretty decent, surprising for such a bad low budget flick.  It does feature ample nudity of the female variety, which was nice, plus the good doctor has got to be King of the Comb-over.  His hair is so bad it is almost worth watching for that alone.  1.5/5.  First watch.

Dec 1 - Midnight (1982) - A teen girl runs away from home after her step father tries to molest her.  She hitches a ride with two young men on their way to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break.  But before they get far, they run into a family of satan worshipers who need the blood of young women as they try to resurect the corpse of their dead mother.  Not much I can say other than it was just lame.  1/5.  First watch.

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Dec 2 - Tintorera (1977) - Recuperating from a nervous break down, Steven heads to the east Coast of Mexico to relax on a friend's yacht.  There he finds himself in competition with local gigalo and shark hunter Miguel for the affections of the vacationing women there.  But they are not the only hunters on the prowl.  A large tiger shark has been making meals of vacationers and locals alike.  Steve and Miguel decide to team up to not only hunt down the shark, but also in their hunt for all of life's pleasures.  Very light on the horror aspect.  It is really more of an action/romance movie.  Beautiful locations and scantily clothed women, but it is a tad long and uneventful.  2/5.  First watch.

Dec 3 - Amber Alert (2012) - While shooting a try-out video for a reality show, two best friends notice a car wanted as part of an Amber Alert and decide to follow it, unsure if they are doing their civic duty or biting off more than they can chew.  Not a bad idea for a movie, but I just don't think there was enough in the story to carry a found footage film.  I can't see people placing themselves in some of the situations that the characters do.  Plus, the female character has got to be one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen in a found footage flick.  I might actually have liked it better had there not been so much damn yelling going on.  1.5/5.  First watch.

Dec 4 - 6 Degrees of Hell (2012) - Six people and their lives are stitched together by a supernatural force that has laid claim to one of them. A Halloween haunted establishment is ground zero for a paranormal perfect storm inadvertently touched off by a seemingly random series of events.  Still not sure what the hell was going on in this one.  Corey Feldman's appearance is more or less cameo and completely unnecessary to the story.  I may go back and rewatch it to try and figure out what was happening, but I am not going to be in a great hurry to do so.  2/5.  First watch.

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Dec 5 - Magic (1978) - Anthony Hopkins was fantastic in it, and Ann-Margret is lovely as always.  3.5/5.  First watch.

Dec 6 - The Killing Kind (1973) - Featuring a young John Savage and Cindy Willliams.  2/5.  First watch.

Dec 7 - Feed (2005) - Sick and twisted.  3/5.  First watch.

Dec 8 - Snuff (1976) - Just bad.  1/5.  First watch.

Dec 9 - American Maniacs (2010) - Written by Trent Haaga, has it moments, but overall pretty ho-hum.  2/5.  First watch.

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Dec 10 - Rolling Thunder (1977) - After being held as a prisoner of war in Viet Nam, Major Charles Rane returns home to a hero's welcome, recieving generous gifts from the townspeople.  A group of greedy thugs decide to steal the silver dollars given to the Major, but in the process the kill his wife and son, leaving the Major maimed but alive.  Bad decision.  Having survived years of torture in Viet Nam, Major Rane rehabilitates himself and enlists the help of his POW compatriot to extract his revenge on the thugs.  Not horror per se, but a decent little revenge thriller.  3/5.  First watch.