Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 39
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Is it just me or dose Groundhog day feel like Christmas movie ?

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 38

Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out! (Video 1989)

I really liked the first movie it was a fun slasher movie, the second sequel as got to be one of the worst sequel ever made.

Not as bad as SD 2 But it was not that far from it!

The whole movie was very boring and dull, I could not care less about anyone in this movie, the plot was really rubbish as well

All the kills scenes were off screen, we only see the aftermath of death scenes in the movie, what is point of that.

The acting in this movie was even worse then SDND 2, Which is really shocking, I could believe how bad it was.

The ending was just really really silly, still a tiny bit of improvement on number 2

Day 37
A Christmas Carol (1938)  (How many are there?)
WOW, My first ever movie from the 30's , I never thought I would ever see a movie from 30s

This movie version felt bit more different then 1951, I felt there were more fun parts in this movie and very good feel to the movie, while you are you feeling kinda of happy and cheerfully As-well

As I only seem 1951 version first time few weeks ago, in still in my head, I was comparing both parts.

I found scrooge it bit more nasty at the start of the movie, as movies goes, I don't feel think it was as good guy who played Scooge in 1951 version.

Near the end of the movie, I think it was going little over the top, it went a bit too Jolly.

I going to give this movie 7 out of 10, not as good as 1951.

Might be seeing 1935 version later, Full movies on Youtube,

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 37
12 Days of Christmas eve (2004)

Yet another person who seem to wake up and the same day again!

And I thought Christmas do over was bad, this one was the worst of the lot so far, I found Do over better then it, it least Do over was bit more funny then this as the same said Christmas every day.

This times the man keeps waking up on Christmas eve, this movie did have There few laugh out moment in and there, the rest felt like they didn't move on to the next lever, it sound like Scrooge meet Groundhog down on  Christmas eve.

The only think  l like about this movie, How he get killed off for 12 different ways in 12 days, which is the same day.

The acting was decent from the whole cast.
4 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 36

Scrooge (1935)
Now this one is the oldest movies i have seen so far!

I didn't really like this one that, I felt something was missing from this movie, (Not Meaning the first ghost).

I just could not get into this movie at all, there were parts were they could have have made more appealing to the book.

I felt scrooge was just like old grumpy man, no worse then anyone else however I don't think it over acted like 1938 one.

For me this movie was missing the Fun from 1938 one.

I not sure what to rate at the moment.

Day 35
Battle of the Bulbs (2010)

This one hell of funny movies, I saw for first time last night,

It's bit like the movie Deck the Hall (2006)
Well this movie neighbors who carry the competition for the best Christmas decorations to extremes.

This movie dose have small back story to as Bob Wallace  makes sure to go all out every year on Christmas decorations however this year new neighbor who have just moved that day, have put up.

Then When his wife force him to see the new neighbor it turns out that the men are carrying on a rivalry that started in high school as they used to  be Old best Friend before they fell out.

This movie dose have some really funny moments in this movie, there also the teen love things going on, which seem little to forced 

They could have done better casting in this movie as kids and teens were really wooden at times.

And the wifes early 30's  looks so much younger then husbands who like 70's.

Overall all it's was Fun sweet movie  (If you liked Deck the Hall  you might like this)

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 34
Bugs (Video 1990)
Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4

it's no longer about killer Santa any more,

This movie was a lot better then the last 2 sequels,

A reporter investigating the bizarre death of a woman who leaped from a building in flames finds herself mixed up in a cult of witches who are making her part of their sacrificial ceremony during the Christmas season.

There were good moment in this movie, which I really enjoyed some of effect, which can be a little cheesey

The acting was better then last 2 movies as well.
4 out of 10 Worth watching

Day 33
A Carol Christmas (2003)

This one really surprise me . This had me with title Normal it other way around,

This times Carol who is Host of Hit chat show, she being really nasty to everyone, then she her Aunt comes to tell her (Who's Dead) she will be seen by 3 ghost.

This movie did have really nice twist as it women this time, Aunt say There something else I was going call you but it's rhymes with Rich

There some funny jokes in this movie, some parts of the movie could have been bit more funny then they were.

Some jokes were little to forced and then ending was really nice and sweet,

Really great way to end this movie, I love the way they were reading the last pages of A Christmas Carol at the end of the movie.

7 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 32 Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (Video 1991)

I really enjoyed this one, I think this is best sequel of the series,
they saved the best for last.

I love movies about Killer toys, I am fan of Puppet master in my early
year, which need to re-watch soon.

There was some really good decent moment, some really bizarre deaths
scene in this movie, which i thought was creative.

The toys could have been a little more scary then they were.

The ending was really good way to end to the series

The acting was decent most likely  best acted in the series.

6 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 31

Deck the Halls (2006)

This movie has some really good funny moment in the first half of the movie but as the movies goes the funny side seem fade away.

The men act liked kids, the things they do are not funny at all.

The ending was nice and sweet and very predicable but it was nice way to end the movie

The acting was really good from the whole cast.

Okay Christmas  movie  5 out of 10

Day 31
Christmas Comes But Once a Year (1936)

This is a 9 min shorts,  did not get time to watch a whole movie yesterday,

This was about kids waking up in an orphanage and the toy have after playing with for few seconds all the toys start breaking.

Leavings kids crying there eyes out,, As then Grampy who going by then try to cheer them up, buy using every day item in toys.

This was really good  short,  there really creative what made with every day items,  the animations was not bad all, for very early Cartoon.

I thought it might feel bit out dated now , it feel aged well, even kids today should enjoyed this.

8 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 29

Jack Frost (1997)
No, Not the Family one made in 1998, this one is about killer who dies and then come back as a Snow man and starts killing people

This is one hell of very funny movie, some of the death were really funny and silly at the same time.

There were not as gory as it could have been, there was some decent creative scenes in the movie.

The acting was much better then I expected for B-Movie, there were some wooden acting from kid.

There were some very funny one liners from the Killer snowman

Very enjoyable movie, it's one better movies out their 7 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 28
Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist (2012)

Not as good as first two movies series, Never seen the 3rd in full, I hated number 4, i thought it really bad, did not find it funny at all.

New family movies into home, the kids things house haunted, Older teen is not helping and Kid next Door is helping when tell he about the Haunting of the house.

The family member were all meant to go Xmas Party , kids don't what too, soon they leave the kids home, Older teen sister. stay in room like any normal teen

While 10 year old boys, who plays games no- stop, talking other older guy on X-box
also dose a lot of things that Kevin did in the first movie,
Like shaving (But not screaming) and like Sliding down stairs in Basket instead of a Sledge.

However when he tells sister about new secret room in the basement, she tries scare him but ends up getting trapped in the Basement.

Then house starts to get attacked by 3 robber and he makes number of Traps.

Some really funny moments better then fourth , more then worth watching, really nice endings near the end as well.

6 out of 10 - It's more of Kids movie then adults movie as some really child's moment even some kids find a bit silly at times.

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 27
A Christmas Story 2 (2012)
Who ever thought there be a sequel after 29 years break

I only saw first one a few's weeks ago, for the first time

The movie is a sequel to the 1983 film A Christmas Story and was released straight to DVD.

This movies takes place Five years after first movie, now Ralphie a Teen, This time he tries to get Car for Christmas

No were near as good as first movie but dose make a bad movie at all, far from it.

This movie had some really funny moment in this movie, some jokes missed mark, the nice plot.

I laughed a number of times in the movie, there some really good sweet moment in the movie as well.

The were really great hints to first movie, Like the  thing the mum broke in the first movie makes a return and she not happy about it!

The acting was really good from the whole cast

Nice and funny and sweet

I really enjoyed this late sequel
7 out of 10

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Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 26
Look Who's Talking Now (1993)

Third movie in the series, kids talk on there own now, now it the dogs turn to talk.

I grew up talking dogs, So I never really Grown out of these kinda of movies.

I love them, I also really enjoyed this movie,

This movie was very funny for both parents and kids, there are really great jokes that really work.

However this movie as some Xmas moments but never really felt like Xmas movie.
all the way thought.

Decent Family movie, I love dogs, you will enjoy this more.

6 out of 10

I Missed one Day! Working Longs hours Yesterday! (Day I missed was 25 lol )

Day 24
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011)

Yes this series is still going, This is seventh movie in the series and
the last in the series at the moment

I had no idea there was Seven, I knew there were Five movies in this
series and sixth must of went pass me.

I have only seen the First two movies in full, I seen bits of 3 and 4
but never full.

There first few seconds of this movie, starts off like a Cartoon about
Elf who makes mistake sets off Santa Slay also fall in it

There live action starts In this movie Beethoven's Is know as Famous
dog tgat see the Slay in the Sky and tries to help elf who fallen of it

There two men workers, who stealtoys and then come across the Santa
Bag, which bring out anything.

Elf asks Beethoven to help so he licks this Candy that makes Beethoven'
talk to him, Yes they make Beethoven talking this sequel , the only
sequel in talks in.

This movie could have had been very funny, there some decent ideas but
they could have made more appealing to adults, this movie was little
too silly even for kids may find it bit silly.

This movie gets way to silly near the end, where they make Beethoven
fly the slay! Really!

No were near as good as first two movies, I not seen any of the others
sequels, so I don't if this is worst of series.

I think it was least worth watching movie

4 out of 10

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Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

I watched A Christmas Story 1 and 2, Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause (and bought Home Alone 1 and 2) in the past 48 hours with many more on the horizon!!!!  My wife and I watch minimum 2 Christmas movies a day in preparation for the big day!

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 23
Silent Night (2012)

This was more of reboot then a remake, saying that it, take one or two things from the old versions

I found the death scene were decent and gory and a bit a fun, I expected this movie to bit more fun then it was, i didn't think was cheesy at all,  some parts felt like scenes from My Bloody Valentine like  Naked Girl is running away from Santa killer on the streets.

The rest of the movie just lacked something,  So I just could not get into this movie at all,
I was bored for most of the movie, waiting for the end.

This reboot as tiny bit of back story at the very end of the movie, I which it took me a while to get.

After We find out who the killer Santa was and why he Killing people.

The only think I liked in this movie was some of Deaths scenes were really gory and fun to watch.

The acting was not too bad, some acting near the start of the movie was little wooden, the rest of cast were decent.

4  out of 10,

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 22

Scrooge (1988)
This movie stared off really good, I found some scenes very funny at the start of the movie.

I was really into the movie, As the movies goes, it kinda of loses the magic from the start of the movie, I didn't find second part of the movie funny at all or that good.

I was bored in some places , they really long speech at the end, Drag on for far to long.

This movie did have some very odd scenes, which scare some kids I think! , I found

I found that were some really silly stuff that may have be funny back then but just felt to Baby-ish

The acting from Billy was very good as was rest of the cast and effect were very good in this movie

I going to give this movie 6 out of 10

Day 21
Santa's Workshop 1932

This was about Santa workshop, basically it the elfs making toys and singing along while doing it.

There was one funny moment in this short and I didn't think all that much of song at all, I did not find that Christmases at all

However for very Early Cartoon it was really well Animated

Day 20
Santa's Surprise - 1947

This yet another Xmas Short
This 9 mins short Cartoon, I though this short really well made,

The cartoon as very sweet moment, there also some musical moments which really limited, the songs were decent and fit the movie really well

This short as very funny moment for the 9 mins

The writing was really good and the Animation was good for the times, some may find a little out dated, I still believe

I going give this 8 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Bassi yoy must have spent tons of time on yuletide horror but me I only seen about 2 good one. I will get back to ya later

well 1 off the brain is well its you kown .. black christmas

I seen the killer santas and shit

oh I just thought of another
Rabid.... thats prob my fav holiday flick

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 19
12 wishes of Christmas (2011)

This is about lady who ends up having a really bad times, So with many things going wrong and her Friends tells to see Life Coach

Which tells to go to website which give her 12 wishes , so she makes them and do come true, they seem fine at first but soon after the Wishes takes a really wrong turn

She thought her life would have been better if never made wish, as she messed up her life more then before.
There some very nasty people her place, can people really be that nasty, some one getting fired every time was just silly , i wasn’t funny.

Some parts of the movie had some really good funny moment, i Thought it would have been a lot more funny then it was , it was more of Drama then a comedy
The acting was really good all around,

This movie had really nice Christmas feel but it's really lacks something. which is okay Christmas movie.

5 out of 10

Day 18
The Host (2006) (I know it not really Xmas movies, However snow at end of the movie, in one way in counts lol )

The Host (2006) (I know it not really Xmas movies, However snow at end of the movie, in one way in counts lol )

I not seen this movie for a really long time, i thought it was time for Re-watch,

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was great ,

It’s had a really nice mix of Action, Drama and some very funny moment that will make you laugh out loud

The creature effect was really good in this movie, Very well made , also liked about this movie is that you can see it number of times in daylight and in Dark.

There are some very bloody moments in this movie, they not to gory at all and the acting in this movie was outstanding from the whole cast.

Subtitled are really good in this movie, they parts don’t even need the Subs as parts of the movie are English.

I am really looking forward to sequel, it’s been a long time waiting for sequel, hope it’s good as this.

This movie get 8 out of 10

Day 17
Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas (2011)
When Sid accidentally destroys Manny heirloom Christmas rock and ends up on Santa's naughty list, he leads a hilarious quest to the North Pole to make things right and ends up making things much worse.

Now it's up to Manny and his prehistoric posse to band together and save Christmas for the entire world!

This was really good short movie, there were very nice plot, which was very well written

They also had some very funny moment in this movie, which Jokes that to do work for both Adults and kids will laugh,

The animation was very well made and creative and very fun to watch with the whole family

9 out of 10

Day 16
Donkey's Christmas Shrektacula (2010)

Donkey, Shrek, and all the characters from Far Far Away come together to celebrate the holiday season by singing classic Xmas song in funny twist it way.

I did not like this short at all, it didn’t find any of the songs that funny at all, however it did have nice xmas feel to it and the Animations was okay

4 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 15
Santa's Slay (2005)

This as to one of the most funniest horror comedy movies, I have seen in a long time.

Dinner scene at start of the movie was pure classic, I thought it was really funny and very funny death scenes.

Who ever thought Goldberg of WWE as a Evil Santa, he was was great to watch,

The whole was such playing silly however it was good kinda of silly and really fun to watch.

The acting was decent for this movie B-movies and I also liked someone the songs that made in this movie, Some of them are very Catchy.

7 out of 10, Really Funny Horror Xmas movie.

Day 14

The Night Before Christmas- (1941)

I don't any one, it dose not love this Cat and Mouse, Here we have Tom and Jerry on Xmas Day.

This 9 min short

This short as some very funny moment, both Kids and Adults will find funny.

There was really good Animations in this movie was very early Cartoon,

The story was really well put together and ending was very really good  as it was really Sweet and Nice,

Nice little short for the whole family!

10 out of 10

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

I lost track what day I am on, I missed a few days,   As be doing a lot of Extra Hours at work this past week, I think I did 20 Extra hours of work this week!

Yesterday, Which I think was
Day 9
Bedtime for Sniffles (1940 Short Film)

Gift Wrapped (1952 Short Film)

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Finally having break, it's been very long two weeks of none stop working, I have so many extra hours in two weeks, I did 13 hours at work yesterday, which was meant to be my last day and I had to go to work again today and spend extra 3 hours as well.

But now I am hoildays

2 more days to go! -
3 more Xmas movies

and I going start on something else

Re: 50 days Challenge (Christmas movies)

Day 3
A Christmas Carol (1999)

I give this one 6 out of 10
It's felt little to rushed in some scenes, I thought, I some of the scripts sounding like stuff was missing

The acting was really good, He did play really good scrooge