Topic: Your favorite horror film subgenres.

I got alot of subgenres of horror films which I loved, some of them are weridly named like the whole "people killing each other" films. My favs ones are supernatural, all these Paranormal Activity with supernatural forces are damn scary, or The Omen trilogy, JST is awesome in the second movie as Damien! Psychological horror also got a very special place in my heart, like Jacob's Ladder, which was a major inspiration for Silent Hill. Action horror ovies like Battle Royale, The Hills Have Eyes (especially Aja's) and the remake of Dawn Of The Dead were over the top, gory and damn right scary too! stuffs like drama horror is kida rare to find but Carrie is awesome! Vampire or werewolf horror like The Lost Boys, Van Helsing and othr kinds were good. Zombie stuffs related are filling up the scary flicks nowadays.And plus sci-fi and fantasy ones I think that's t, but currently I think my fav is "killing each other" shitds, considering that I'm now editing (yes still haven't finished.) my Battle Royale list of 4emeA and B of our school, still set me up to win muahahahahahahhahahahahah!!!

So what's your guys fvotie sub-horror genre?

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