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okay so in this story i am writing this girl gets stabbed in the eye with a pencil would her eye come out? or would it bleed?  I need to know so anyone with some kind of know how on the subject let me know? also if it wouldnt come out how could I get it to?

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It wouldn't come out, no.  The eyeball is actually connected to the brain itself via the optic cord, which houses the optic nerve and muscles required for eye movement.  So in order to remove an eyeball, either the optic cord would need be severed, or the eyeball would need be severed from the optic cord itself.

As for what it would happen to an eyeball if it were stabbed with a pencil...

Go to your fridge.
Take out a grape.
Squish it between your fingers.

That's basically what it would look like.  There are veins which supply blood to the eyeball but for the most part, the eyeball consists of a clear, jelly-like substance called vitreous humor.  So while an eyeball will bleed, it won't bleed a whole lot. 

One thing to consider -- it's very difficult to stab someone in their open, naked eye.  A person can close their eye in a tenth of a second; normal human reaction time -- that is, the time it takes to perceive an immediate threat once it presents itself -- is roughly a quarter of a second.  Which means chances are, a person will slam their eyes shut the instant they see that pencil coming at them.  And while the eyeball itself might be impaled, you won't see it behind the closed eyelid.

As such, the closed eyelid will prevent any drastic leaking of blood or vitreous humor.  Far more likely, the only blood you'd see would be from the punctured eyelid, and not the eyball itself.

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damn okay thank you  guess I will come up with something else then becasue I needed her eye to come out....

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Blunt trauma can make it pop out. It will still be hanging as Lon mentioned from the optic nerve. Sammy Davis Jr lost his in a car accident, he got out of the wreck and went to check on the other passenger (I think his wife but don’t remember) anyway as he went to help he didn’t know one of his eyes was just hanging there.

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If you really need it to come out, use a tea spoon. Not on you on your story that is. lol