Topic: Wanna try lovefilm for free on me?

Heey this is really for UK people. I've got 3 giftcards off lovefilm for 2 months unlimited for free. HorrorQueen had one off me before and she told me there is no strings attached other than you have to cancel the account yourself at the end of the 2 month trial. Want one? Gimme a shout and I'll send you the code. You have to be a new customer who doesn't already have an account active or dormant. Plus I'll get entered into a prize draw for £500 worth of amazon vouchers so help a lazy out wink

Re: Wanna try lovefilm for free on me?

It's true, it's no strings at all and it's so good that I've kept my subscription up after the free trial that I got from the lovely UV.

They've increased their range of horror films recently too, I have the instant watch subscription and the 3 games at home for my Xbox and I find it's a really good deal.

Thanks lovely! x

Re: Wanna try lovefilm for free on me?

Do I wish I was still in the UK... Sigh.