Topic: New external hard drive - help with how to file?

Hey guys, this might be a little bit anal of me, but I just got a new external hard drive and I'm copying all of my horror onto it. It's a lot of files, and I love to have things filed and foldered beautifully. I think it's a minor OCD thing.

What I ideally want is to be able to have all of my horror movies in one place, say a folder entitled 'Horror'. Then to have to same films in several directories i.e:

Horror>Sub-Genre>Giallo>Argento then have all of his films in there but also keep them in the main folder. I don't want to have 2 copies of each film, however. While watching films on my laptop through the hard drive I am planning to have shortcuts to the film in each sub-folder, but when I watch it through my TV it won't read shortcuts, so does anybody know of any way I can do this?

I know it's a long shot but I really really want to be able to do it like this, so if you know of a way it can be done I'd be very grateful


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Just put them all in the Horror folder. I guess you know already what category they fit in so you don't really need to classify them in other folders. That's what I'd do. I always keep it simple. That's my take.

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I know what you mean about being OCD with your movie files.  I'm the same way.  On my external drive I have a MOVIES folder.  Within that folder are sub-folders for each genre.  Within my horror-sub folder, I have the following sub-folders:

Personally I have two options for watching movies stored on my external hard drive on TV.

1. I have a flat-screen TV which includes a computer monitor jack; I simply unplug the jack from my PC, plug it into the back of my TV and adjust the desktop settings to fit the larger TV size.

2. Run a second line from my modem to my Xbox 360 and stream from my PC.  The only limitations are that Xbox 360 will only stream .avi files, and will only read from a PC's "My Videos" folder.

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VLC rules all.

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Thanks everyone.

Nice folders you have there Lon big_smile I'm glad it's not just me! I've decided to put shortcuts in all the sub-genre folders so that when I watch on my laptop or stream to my iPad they will be there. My TV has a USB port in the side, so if I watch through there then I'll just see them all in the main folder but I guess it's no big deal. I will try streaming to my Xbox again, it wouldn't work properly last time but I don't think I had the permissions set up right.

Cheers for your help! I'll post pics of my beautifully categorized folders when I'm done, ha I'm such a geek big_smile

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You should have seen my horror folder last week, before I deleted the other fifty or so movies I had in there but figured I'd never get around to watching.  Mostly cheap little obscurities that I knew were going to suck without even having seen them.  Which makes me wonder why I bothered downloading them in the first place. lol

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I do that all the time. I'll grab something on a whim then realise a couple of months later that I have no intention whatsoever of watching it and wonder why the hell I got it in the first place!

I'm a bit of a hoarder though and if I like something I keep it, hence the new hard drive!