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Today while looking for something worthwhile to post about I found this great clip for the new indie film Women's Studies. The clip is actually before the film began filming but for those of you who would like to catch up on the film or have never se...

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There is a trailer for this film on the official site and it stars Judith O'Dea from Night of the Living dead 1968 fame.

Side Note: Lonnie marting the director, and his wife Cindy had zombie cameo's in Deadlands: The Rising. Lonnie plays the zombie whom rips out his this womans throat during the traffic jam assault... Cindy played the victim.

Lonnie and I worked on a short film together titled Under the Bed he directed and wrote and Lonnie has a unique vision of psychological horror that has a nice mass appeal. Most of the technical crew on Women's Studies were key crew on Deadlands: The Rising. WS art director Stephanie Petagno was my make-up FX supervisor, and WS DP Aaron Shirley assisted Thomas Fant, the DP of Deadlands... in a role reversal... Thomas is Aaron's assistant on Women's Studies.

In fact a few cast members of Deadlands appear in WS in bit parts or featured extras, and I am psyched to see Lonnie's first cut once he gets it finished.

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Is this the same film which had DVD artwork for it posted on here a few weeks ago?

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We had the poster artwork.. I don't think the DVD artwork would be done yet.. maybe..

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I could have checked on the IMDb or but I was busy on the board here checking my posts made tonight, to make sure they made sense. Thanks for answering my question Goon.

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