Re: Gift(s) received from "Santa"!

Great pics Moon! big_smile Love those living dead doll things, never heard of those before.

I was a good boy this year so Father Christmas got me a jumper, a posh shirt (Zambaccari donchaknow!), it's a total fanny magnet and fits like a glove, er. I mean a shirt! Some smellies - yer know - the usual, a bottle of Glenfiddich, which I made the mistake of opening on Christmas night so there's only about a couple of snifters left haha! Loads of choccies, a remote control helicopter (just a cheap miniature indoor plastic one) which, see above, I also made the mistake of breaking out on Christmas night and is now missing the fin rotors lol, some blank DVDR's, 400 Embassy Number 1, courtesy of my sis, duty free of course from Honk Kong and the missus, oops, I mean Santa Claus got me a brand spanking new mountain bike, a bloody good one too. That should help me burn off a few of these minced pie-induced pounds in January! big_smile

Oh yeah, I also got some socks off my mum, well, what would Christmas be without being presented with new socks from your mother afterall! lol

A pretty bloody good result in all. Mustn't grumble... oh alright... I will then;
Thank God it's all over for another year, just new years eve to go and I can give my liver a much needed (and well deserved) rest until next year haha!