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Hey Guys,

my name is markus, and iam 29 yrs. old and from Austria.
My Interests are: Movies, Sports(Icehockey, Soccer, basketball and BB), Music(Heavy metal), gambling and of course yeah Girls.

Iam lookin forward to have a good Time with you People


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Welcome aboard, Markus.  Lots of good discussions 'round here so jump on in and get to know some folks. smile


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Welcome, markus! You'll fit in perfectly with us horror nuts. Just don't drink the punch, it smells funky. wink


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sorry i only drink Whiskey  wink


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Make yourself at home Markus, loads of cool peeps on here to chat with. I got a bottle of Glenfiddich for Christmas so here's a cyber toast to you!


Welcome aboard mate! big_smile


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THanks for the Whiskey


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Oh welcome sir and I see you like whiskey so I guess we'll get along, my best friend is Jack Daniels. lol

Enjoy the place, it just rocks sooo much!!!


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Hi Markus, welcome to the asylum.  A new central European person!  I'm the resident monkey, have a complimentary banana!



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Hey.  Thought i'd say hi. Love horror movies, but hate most of what's put out today.  Getting too cynical.  Hope to see you around.


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He kronos, how you doin????



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Yo Kronos. Have fun around. Watchout for the monkey though. Even if he's very cool most of the time.


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Welcome Kronos. You'll love it here, just stay away from the punch..it smells funky. lol


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Welcome to the party pal!

Oops, sorry, sometimes I get Diehard flashbacks! What I meant was welcome to the forum Kronos. big_smile


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@Punk- Thanks for that ringing endorsement.  big_smile

Hi Kronos, welcome to the asylum.  I'm the resident monkey, have a complimentary banana.  big_smile



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You're welcome. wink

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hi! I'm new.  I feel out of the loop on good horror movies these days so I figured I would join and see what's going on in the horror world!


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Hi Ev, welcome to the asylum.  I'm the resident monkey, have a complimentary banana.  big_smile



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Welcome to you Evelyn!!!
It's a madhouse in here but don't we all love this??? lol

You'll learn a bunch of stuff and get great reviews and opinions on about EVERYTHING that's up in the Horror planet, that's for sure.


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Welcome, Evelyn! This place is awesome and you'll fit in perfectly with us horror nuts. Also, stay away from the punch because it smells funky. wink


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Welcome, Evelyn. If your wanting to get back in the swing of things with "all things horror."  You've come to the right place!


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Welcome Evelyn. I love your avatar by the way.

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Welcome Evelyn. Like underdog said you came to the right place for evrything horror plus all the stuff in between... its free it don't cost anything, that is unless AZ our munkey man trys to sell you some of his rotting bananars... stay away from his bananars! cool


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Hi everyone! I'm Amber, 26 Columbus OH. I like horror movies (obviously) musicals are my weakness and I'm a big music girl, into everything really I'm not picky my interest are all over the place. I like going to horrorhound, and other conventions that are close to Ohio. I need some new horror buddies! if you're interested in talking, email me! againstgei@yahoo.com


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You've come to the right spot. Welcome!


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Hi Geizy, welcome to the asylum!  I'm the resident monkey, have a complimentary banana.  big_smile
Also, if you have Skype, we have a little section set up for HM members only.  So if you want to join in you can PM me your Skype name or send a contact request to