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Hey guys!

I'm looking for a kind of a collection of multiple short movies, just like Creepshow. I think is consists of 3 or 4 short flicks. In one of them, I believe it was the second, a fat looking dude goes shopping and he buys various kinds of meat, then later home, he builds a female body from the meat, and f**ks it hard.

In the last short clip, a husband and a wife starts to f**k in a white living room, and "in the act" the wife brutally kills the husband.

The other stories I don't remember. All I know it was possibly made in the 80's. (What I saw was probably VHSrip.)

Guys if it sounds familiar to you, please respond! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Title of short movies like Creepshow?

Those 2 shorts sound really familiar to me...
Could it be "Cutting Moments"?
I have that on VHS uncut that I burned to a good ole DVD

Crack Dog - a dude wants to introduce his dog to crack
Don't Nag Me - about a guy being haunted by his nagging wife after he kills her
Bowl of Oatmeal - instead of taking advice from his bowl of cereal he goes out and robs meat to take home
Principles of Karma - about a punk teen's life
Cutting Moments - about a man and a woman and their young son

Well I really think this is the one you are talking about... I love this flick.

*edit... this is definitely that movie, its from 1998
I also bought the DVD titled "Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America" which has Cutting Moments and 2 other shorts by Douglas Buck different than the VHS. Disc 2 has Buck's 3 shorts presented as a full length flick

*edit 2... only Cutting Moments on the vhs is by Douglas Buck who you might recognize as the same dude who wrote Terror Firmer

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Re: Title of short movies like Creepshow?

Any idea what nationality it was?  German, Japanese, American...?

Re: Title of short movies like Creepshow?

It's from the country you live in Lonny... I hope that helped LOL

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I'm not sure it's Cutting Moments, D.  I can't see how anyone could watch that flick and not remember the titular story about the woman who cuts her own lips off; it's easily the most memorable story of the lot.

I have a nagging suspicion the second flick the OP mentions is Nekromantik 2; I'm having trouble placing the first one, but it wouldn't surprise me if the movie he's talking about is actually a compilation of films, not an anthology.  But I could be wrong.  If he can narrow it down to the nationality, I may be of more help. hmm

Re: Title of short movies like Creepshow?


Holy shit! That was it!  Cutting Moments, no doubt.  Thank you so much!  I'm looking into this "Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America", thanks for the info!


Well, now that you mentioned it, my memories are getting clearer about the movie. big_smile BTW of course it was American.

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Re: Title of short movies like Creepshow?

Glad I could help man... but like I said, Family Portraits: A Trilogy Of America is different than the vhs tape of Cutting Moments. Family Portraits only has Cutting Moments from the VHS plus 2 other shorts by Buck, Home and Prologue.

If ya want those other shorts from the VHS I think you have to go for the tape