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I'm just going to link this so you can read it.

I want to drive out there and beat them all senseless, including the cops.  Rage is a strong defense against bullets.  And I love it when Anonymous does good work.  Those mofos are scary, but I love it when they are on the side of good.

I need to watch more of baby monkey riding a pig.

-Monkey out.

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Insane crime, very mindless. To me the worst crime of humanity is rape because when you're the victim of a murder you're gone and you don't have to live all your life remembering it which happens to rape victims. sad

I'm a fan of Anonymus, yeah they are scary but that's maybe what it takes to open society's eyes on what goes wrong.

And on Facebook, they always have very cool images on their walls. smile

And hahaha funny that baby monkey. lol

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I needed baby monkey to clean my brain out after reading all that.  I was thinking what if that was Syd in 12 years?

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Yeah it truely helps out. Good shot.


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Sydney, my 4 year old niece.

edit- go check out the YouTube thread.  I just put up a bunch of funny panda vids there.  It gives me amusement to think of Mr. Black being some of those guys.

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Oh alright. She's probably much better than the Vicious I thought about. lol

Yeah I just lerned about the existence of this one just yesterday but I will check it out for sure later on.

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We had our own exposé guy in the uk called Chris. He was seen as a voice for abuse victims as hr was a victim himself until people realised hr was a football hooligan and had several stints in prison. People lost faith and his site was shut down. Disgusting crime, and the pride in it from these untouchables. I really don't get the football culture over there. Seems revolting.

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It's very similar to the Gangsta Rap one if you ask me.
Girls are bitches and shoot everybody... Less gun oriented but still.

Sad but true. And yes, totally revolting. sad

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That's absolutely abhorrent to read about.  Group mentality is horrible.  These guys needed better role models in their lives.  So much for sports being positive for a kid

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I don't get the gansta rap either. It seems whenever I see kids involved with sports here it's for the good. When there's sports going on I see less trouble where I live.

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With a lot of problems being pin pointed now, a big issue is bullying and since forever until now, the jocks make fun of the non jocks.  That empowers them to feel they're better, stronger and just all around higher on the food chain.  I don't see an end in sight for it, either.

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Yeah, big suckage it is too. And like you say, it's been there forever.

Power. Screw power damnit.

Can we blame Football for being a violent sport which might get these kids in the wrong direction??? Don't think so, hockey is as violent if not more but we don't have stuff like this happening here.

USA definitely need to act differently with violence of any kind. Well saying USA but it's a worldwide problem.

Damn real violence just keep it in the movies.

Too bad a lot can't see the difference with real and unreal. sad

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That is really ridiculous those cops need to those their jobs, officials needs to be fired, and a whole lot of charges need to be pressed. I played football in highschool and I know you get away with stuff for being on the team but this is f'n ridiculous!

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Moments like that is when I like anonymous big_smile
Troubled world we live in.

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It's groups of people like this, man. What a bunch of vile, corrupted, imbecilic hicks. It's a kind of mindset that I'm repulsed by. The idea of being so ignorant of what is moral and what isn't, that you have to put your close-minded pride upon a pedestal and hide the corruption from the public just so your county and hometown high school football team doesn't get a bad name. Never mind a girl (or two) were drugged and raped - Ahhh, they're just kids, AND they're on the football team, let em' play how they wanna play!

This kind of thing makes me angry because I could honestly see similar scenarios happening in other small towns across the country, too - like mine. It's those backwoods little towns that hold their high school football teams as one of their biggest prides (which, in itself is just fine). Winning the state championship (such as mine did) is a big, BIG thing for these places. If a type of crime of this magnitude goes down, and the people aren't exactly of the 'greatest moral character', you can bet things will be attempted to be hidden - despite the minority that have suffered from such terrible crimes.

The "Rape Crew" (what a glorious moniker! you can tell they must of gotten quite a kick of being called that by their peers - we're The Rape Crew! don't F*ck with us!) here is acting on a moral code of vile idiocy and an arrogant attitude pertaining to the confidence best summed up as, "I'm on the team, I can do anything I want!"

The kids need to be punished, the officials need to lose their jobs (including the country sheriff), the coach needs his ass toasted, and....(drum roll) do the damn parents! How could you have raised your kids to turn out to be the pinheaded, bigoted, sexist, nonetheless RAPIST, morons that they are today?

Sorry for this rant folks, but this kind of thing gets on my nerves. Fools, I say. Absolute, udder fools.

As I side note, I love Anonymous, man. I always have. I think they're a great organization for our modern technologically-sophisticated world. We need the undercover hackers exposing the details of the corruptions that take place daily, so that we can go out and seek justice for those without a voice.

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Creatch- Anon has become more of a force for good recently.  They used to be just a bunch of jerks, but they are pounding the bad guys now.  It might be vigilante style, but how many of us would have heard of this otherwise?

And good news, the sick freak in the video joking around is "no longer enrolled at Ohio State University" according to OSU officials.

Panda and I had a little talk about how much fun if a 500 pound panda and a gorilla with a claymore burst into the room in the middle of his little "joke fest."  You can imagine the various endings to that scenario on your own.  I think that the best ending for him/them was they all fear-peed themselves out a window or through a wall.  The rest were, well, less elegant.

edit- Better news, apparently the FBI is in town.

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i will admit right now i'm not a fan of anonymous but i'm glad they did this these guys and everyone involved need to be taken down. My prayers go out to the victim and all the rest go to and burn in hell. Tough guys eh raping a defenceless victim who can't defend herself. They way the world is this actually doesn't surprise me at all as much as i hate to say it.