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What Talent!!!

The animator is 13 years old:)

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azathoth yeah, it rocks. Glad you feel good.

Scavenger of Human Sorrow, H3LL yesss. I love the newest shots of her cleavagely wondeful dress at the People's Choice awards this year.

Holy sh*t WOOOoooWWW!!!


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I thank my Demon god Samael every freaucking day for his invention of girls. The most beautiful art piece ever made. lol

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If we're being serious about great looking women, I'll throw in Renee Olstead.

Certain pictures of her...oh lordy.


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Yeah definitely.

One I enjoy a whole damn lot not only for her acting but much more her gorgeousness is Kristen Bell. What a bomb!!!
I'd Hit And Run [her latest flick] her anyday!!! lol


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I found a theme song for Panda (this 1st minute)-

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@Punk - I had to google her name because I didn't recognize it, but yep I remember her from Forgetting Sarah Marshall! lol

She's a real looker though, has the "stay with" factor too which some hot women don't have.

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I need help here, I was looking into getting Ju-On (or The Grudge, whatever the hell the original is called, not the American remake) and I came across a boxset which is titled:

"Ju-on - The Grudge - White And Black Ghost"

Is that the right one I am talking about? I have no clue, it says "two sequels" - then what the hell is the original?

I don't know why I find this confusing of all things.


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I first saw her in Pulse the US remake and I gotta admit that I really loved all that series but the first is the most amazing one. And she's great in this.

Funny, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, she makes an allusion to this flick where they all say it was crap. And I SCREAMED F*CK YOU when I saw that scene. lol

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Going to see A Haunted House tonight! It looks pretty funny. big_smile


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Grudge- Black and White were 2 separate, 1 hour, films made as an anniversary edition or some such.  Directed by 2 different directors, I believe.  They stuck them together to make a full length feature.  Not considered a canon film(s), really.

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Ah I see now! Thanks for your help Az! smile

I'll search around for the original then, and I am picking up American Beauty (blu-ray) too.

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The US remake (with Gellar) is called The Grudge.  The original Japanese version is just Ju-on, though it was re-labelled as Ju-on: The Grudge for the US version.  Because why make things easy?  lol

Happy to help with the B&W thing.

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Since I can only find the American Grudge and I don't want that one on Amazon, I am picking up 'Ring' or 'Ringu' as I think it's called.  I never saw it, I just let it pass by me to be honest.

I hope it's good though.


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Ringu is the Japanese version.  Ring is the American remake.


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And I see Amazon faked me out!

Ju-on Amazon- … ords=ju-on

Ringu on Amazon- … ords=ringu

Ringu Anthology (4 films) on AMazon- … ords=ringu

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I can only buy off the UK store sad But thanks for your help! big_smile


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Oh, poop.  Didn't know you were across the pond.  sad  Though you may want to check with HorrorQueen, Ultraviolent, Vas, and Wolfy to see if they have any other ideas where you could buy your film(s).  (I'd say Cappy, too, but he's grouchy, tongue )

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Re: Totally random … amp;sr=8-1
Grouch this monkey boy.
They're calling it The Grudge but it's the original version Scav.


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Good job, El Capitano.  I get weird results when looking up UK Amazon.

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@Cap - Aha! Thank you very much good sir. smile

Not only were you helpful, you were funny! tongue

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That's my fourth Red Bull today. Ugh.


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Wish I could call in sick. Can't afford to.
At least that puke thing passed.
Going to eat at an all you can eat sushi place today for the bf birthday. His mum is paying.
Can't wait. Been craving that place for a while.


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@ Scav -- Ringu is a great flick, IMO -- a creepy, old-school, slow-build ghost story with a stunner of a finale.  It's also the flick most responsible for kicking off the modern Japanese horror renaissance.


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MoonRaven, sounds like a way cool time. Sushiz are delicious.

azathoth, I'd take the last one with 4 tapes. More tape views more victims. lol

But what the Captain Catpain Howdy offered us is perfect.

Scavenger Dude of Human Sorrow, my 4th beer today.

Feel like flying a Stuka plane now.
Just to fly high and fast and make a creepy as H3LL sound while bombing.

And as far as look go, pretty creepy too with the V wings.
Yup. Awesome plane.

Anybody as that in their basement somewhere??? lol