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I tried to get tickets for Seven Psychopaths but it was sold out at TIFF.  Hopefully I will see it soon smile

watched today:

The Bat starring Vincent price.  It was my first time seeing it.  Pretty good thriller...why don't they remake movies like this one?   

Mother's Day starring Rebecca De Mornay.  wow she put in a really good performance!  It was really good.


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Mother's Day is such a great one. Rebecca is brilliant.

I really enjoy this kind of movies. Story is pretty nice, some alien girls come in here to try to find people to keep on reproducing. Awesome performances and very nice Alien effects, especially when they get the tentacules come out of their bellies. Also liked very mush the drawings the guy does of the creatures. Both very cool films I find.


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Jan 9 - Visions of Hell: The Films of Jim Van Bebber: The Short Films (1986) - Of the 5 short films, the first two, My Sweet Satan and Roadkill: The last days of John Martin, were by far the best.  The FX on both were surprisingly well done.  The middle two were just weak and the last one, Into the Black, as bad as it was, was actually kind of comical becuase it reminded me of my teen years when we used to make Super 8 movies, but nothing like the scale of this one.  3/5.  First watch.


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Well I found it took way too freaking long to start up.
BUT once they got the engine of the van broke down and night comes up, it get pretty nice. But the best part is the ending where they all freak out and Zombies attack them, it's nice, cool lightning and stuff. Pretty good acting but what I LOVED about it was the ending when she gets in the hospital. Nice way to end it I thought.

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The Fields- 

A young boy moves in with his grandparents at the the family farm.  His grandmother (Chloris Leachman) warns him to stay away from the corn fields because he will "die and turn all black".

You know I like a good slow thriller, but this movie was just plain boring!   Even Leachman couldn't save this stinker.  avoid this one.

Apartment 143- 

A famliy moves into a haunted apartment building after the mother dies.  They bring in all sorts of scientific equipment to try to record some paranormal proof. 

Is it just me or are found footage movies just NOT SCARY?!  It  tries really hard to be scary but just falls flat for me.


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I don't think found footage films have been scary since Blair Witch.  In the flood of FF films since, the vast majortiy have missed the point; found footage films, in order to be effective, have to feel rough.  Unpolished.  Unprofessional.  Things aren't supposed to feel staged, as if they're unfolding from a script.  That's what sinks most FF films for me; I catch them being professional or having a story structure or -- as was the case with The Last Exorcism -- an actual score (don't get me started) and it destroys the illusion. 

But on the same token they also need actors who aren't recognizable yet who are good.  If they're not good actors, you see them acting; if they're not unknown and you recognize them (again, as was the case with The Last Ecorcism, whose lead actor I'd seen in other stuff before) then you're obviously watching a work of fiction.  It's a double-edged sword in that respect, because good unknown/amateur actors are about as easy to come by as a bird with lips.


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^^Leachman was the only decent thing about The Fields, and I like how Tara Reid made a 2 minute appearance to get her name in the credits.
Sorry you didn't like Apt 143 DG, it was actually one of my favorites from this last year, I really dug it.

As for the found footage sub-genre, it seems to be one that people either like or dislike, doesn't seem to be a lot of grey area.  I personally love the sub-genre and have seen a bunch that I really like, but I have also seen my share of stinkers.  Like anything else, particularly in the movie world, if something is successful, people are bound to try and emulate it in order to cash in.  Unfortunately, some people are not creative and talented enough to pull it off.


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Jan 11 - Humanoids from the Deep (1980) - Cheesy good fun with the added goodness of ample boobies.  3/5.

Jan 12 - From beyond the Grave (1973) - An anthology of 4 short stories, entertaining, but nothing overly exciting.  2.5/5.

Jan 13 - Kuroneko (1968) 2.5/5.


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Jan 14 - The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave (1972) - Beautiful locations, beautiful women and a nice twist, but it is also pretty uneventful.  2.5/5.  First watch.

Jan 15 - To The Devil A Daughter (1976) - The most nudity that I can remember in a Hammer flick, including a young Nastassja Kinski doing full frontal, very nice!  A pretty cool flick to boot.  3/5.  First watch.

Jan 16 - Open Graves (2009) - Actually better than I expected.  Some of the CGI is cheesy looking, and it reminded me a bit of a Final Destination film, but it was entertaining.  3/5.  First watch.


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Here you go. Got a pretty nice watchlist for this week-end prepared and the play button is just waiting to be clicked.

Biggest deception of my life with Exorcist. Sad for me because Christian Slater and Alessandra Torresani which I love with a passion normally. Damnit, I'll stop before tears go falling down my cheeks. sad

CREEP [rewatch]
Wow ohhh yeah. Just gonna say a few things and you'll understand.
FRANKA POTENTE. Yeah, potente means powerful in english and lemme tell you she REALLY is. Awesome in this one which has an atmospehere very Dark, Evil and Sinister to the top like I love. Beautiful story in a beautiful setup [always loved subway tunnels], magnificient shots. Yep in the masterpiece for me list it is sitting since I first saw it.

RINNE [Reincarnation]
I'm a true Asian Horror fanatic. I mean a HUUUUUUGE one.
And this one didn't disapoint at all. The atmosphere, storyline and acting like I love about these yellow faced ones. Damn what a crazy great flick this was. WOAH!!!
Got a top 666/10 in it's face. Very enjoyable.

Woah, I was amazed by this.
One of the best gore I've seen recently. 666 stars acting, 666 stars directing, 666X666 stars FXs and 666 stars storylining.
Great enjoyable time.

This sits on top of the recent asian stuff I watched along with Ringu, Kairo and Ju-Ong, films that I enjoyed the remakes even as much man would I LOVE a Noroi remake, you bet I would.
Everything in this is wild, insane, creepy, beautiful, Evil and darj like I truely enjoy. Must watch you all, absolutely MUST.

Zombie. Enough said. big_smile
I worship this dude. Totally. As much as Romero, Burton and Tarentino. smile

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kXnPunk wrote:


I want a Franka Potente of my very own.  She's awesome!


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Oh you bet, she definitely is.
Love what she's done yet.


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Jan 17 - The Reflecting Skin (1990) - Seth, a young boy in 1950's rural America tries to cope with life.  Inspired by his father's stories of Vampires, he comes to believe that the widow who lives up the road is a Vampire.  He and his friends torment her, but despite is best efforts, his older brother Cameron, fresh from the Pacific theatre, falls in love with her.  When Seth's friends begin to disappear, it becomes clear that this rural community is in the grips of something far more sinister than imaginary Vampires.  This really was a cool idea for a film.  It was beautifully shot with fantastic locations.  The characters were interesting, but unfortunately, the poor acting really held this one back.  Had it been better, particularly by the lead character, I would have scored it much higher.  3/5.  First watch.


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Jan 18 - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part 2 (1996) - If it weren't for the profanity, violence and a bit of gore, this could be a Lifetime movie, sure felt like one.  Just weak.  2/5.  First watch.

Jan 19 - The Descent (2005) - Still love this one.  4/5.  Rewatch.

Jan 19 - Reincarnation (2007) - Boring and uneventful for the first 3/4, then it picks up for that last 10 minutes or so, unfortunately, I had lost interest by then.  2.5/5.  First watch.

Jan 19 - Berberian Sound Studio (2012) - Clearly, someone has spent some time in the sound studio working post production on films, because that is all this movie seemed to be about.  Perhaps I just didn't get it, it did hold my interest, but it hardly seems that one could classify this as a horror movie.  2/5.  First watch.

Jan 20 - Dead Before Dawn (2012) - Sure it was campy childish sillyness, but at least it was entertaining.  Just good old mindless fun.  3/5.  First watch.


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Jan 21 - Famine (2011) - I know it was supposed to be campy and silly, but I still found it to be bad.  No where near as fun as Gutterballs.  2/5.  First watch.


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Jan 22 - Hell (2011) - A well done German post apocalyptic thriller.  4/5.  First watch.

Jan 23 - Death Valley (1982) - A nice little early 80's slasher with a young Stephen McHattie.  3/5.  First watch.


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Jan 24 - American Mary (2012) - Broke and increasingly disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired, Mary Mason stumbles into the world of back room surgeries and body modifications, learning that she can earn a healthy living without even finishing med school.  But will her new profession end up leaving more marks on her than on the so called freaks that are her clients?
I was expecting something a bit different, but that ended up being a good thing, because I really enjoyed the film.  A fantastic sophmore effort from the Soska sisters and one of the best movies I have seen from this last year.  4/5.  First watch.


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Jan 25 - The Collection (2012)  3.5/5.  First watch.

Jan 26 - Midnight Son (2011) - 2.5/5.  First watch.

Jan 27 - Spider Baby (1964) - 3.5/5  First watch.


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Jan 29 - Scream of the Demon Lover aka Blood Castle (1970) - 2.5/5.  First watch.

Jan 30 - The Old Dark House (1963) - 3.5/5.  Rewatch.

Jan 31 - Mr Sardonicus (1961) - 2/5.  First watch.

Feb 1 - Redd Inc. aka Inhuman Resources (2012) - 3.5/5.  First watch.

Feb 4 - Hollow (2011) - 2/5.  First watch.

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Warm Bodies- 7/10  First Watch

So I went to see Warm Bodies tonight.  and yes I admit it.  I liked it.  It was a romantic comedy with zombies thrown into the mix.  Very sweet love story that mimics Romeo and Juliet.  Two star crossed lovers from opposing sides of the war.  My friend and I laughed all the way through it.  Yes sometimes we were laughing at how absurd it was though smile    I mean really would you want to kiss a zombie that was eating brains not that long ago?  Ew!!

If you are a purist zombie or horror fan this movie is not for you, but if you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead or Deadheads you will like this one too.


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Oh yeah, thanks for that DirtyGirl.
How was Teresa in this??? Amazing I'm sure.

I'd kiss any Girl Zombie and do a bunch of other various stuff with them I can tell you. So it won't be absurd for me. Life is absurd, anything else isn't. Gniaaarrrhehehe

That's outside politics, wars and religion of course. Not to mention money...

I enjoy every damn second of the tv spots right now. Same for Beautiful Creatures. Romantic sucker I am. Said it before but will repeat, sorry. lol

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Feb 5 - Witchboard (1986) - Tawny Kitaen was nice to look at, including a bit of nudity, but the movie was just okay.  2.5/5.  First watch.


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Feb 6 - Frayed (2009) - I wasn't expecting much going in, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit.  For a first film, the guys really did a nice job on it.  3/5.  First watch.


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Feb 7 - The ABC's of Death (2012) - A cool idea for an anthology flick, but as is the case with all anthologies, particularly when there are 26 shorts directed by 27 different directors, they can be a mixed bag.  Overall, I enjoyed it, but I didn't think that it was anything really special.  3/5.  First watch.

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We got a ton of snow yesterday.  We decided to stay home, so I watched a few movies on netflix.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)-

I love the 70s version with Donald Sutherland.   I have been watching a lot of older Horror lately, so I thought I would check out the original movie of Body Snatchers.  Gotta love these 50s scifi movies.  The music always lets you know when something is about to happen.  Supposedly the ending was changed because the original was to bleak.  The scenes in the hospital were added onto the movie.

The Haunting 90s version

The original is far better than the remake but I love the look of the house in the remake.  It probably was just a set though.