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I dig Affleck, as well.  I always have thought the guy gets a bad rap, all because of that silly "Bennifer" nonsense.  Dude's a good actor, and a very good director.  Anyone who's seen Gone, Baby, Gone or The Town, let alone Argo, could see that.


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I even loved him in Gigli so there. smile


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If only he was still on board to direct the Justice League movie. hmm


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Yeah, would've been cool.

Samael bless Sabine Jemeljanova topless.

And once again, germans show us what great designers they've always been. What an INSANE building structure.



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Is that the one that has assembly line where you can watch, and the huge car elevator storage?  If so, the inside is just as awesome as the outside.

Re: Affleck.  He bugs me for the stupid movies he's done; Meet the Parents, Something about Mary, Zoolander, Cable Guy.  Then he pulls off Dodgeball and Anchormen.  So I'm conflicted.


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Um...Azzie?  Buddy?  You're thinking of a different Ben. lol


Re: Totally random

Yeah, wrong Ben. lol


Re: Totally random

Oh, yeah.....
Damn, that's as bad as my Halloween/Friday the 13th mixup.  lol

(Think I'll go back to my Slendy studies.)

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In case you haven heard of Manti Te'o, he's a Notre Dame football player that claimed his girlfriend died of luekemia within hours of his grandma's death.  Only problem- the girlfriend never existed, as in there is no one with that name.  It was finally discovered she was fake, and now everyone is trying to figure out if he was part of the hoax. 

Today it got weirder.  A few weeks after the "girlfriend" "died", he got a phone call from "her" saying she faked her own death to hide from drug dealers.

It is one whacked out story(s).


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^Why is that athletes are always causing a negative impact? Not too long ago, their was that football player who shot himself and his wife and it's sad to see all this depressing stuff on the news.


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Probably the same reason CEOs and politicians pull all kinds of crap- a sense of entitlement.  When you're the best at something for years, and everyone reinforces that thought, you think you're above reproach.

In this case, I'm waiting it out to see what shakes out in the end.


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Yeah, when I heard that I could believe the weirdness of that thing. I was luke WTF did she just said???
So strange that it woke my visual fixation of the morning show girl's boobs. lol

But yeah, so many weird stuff. At least on the show after that there was a video of a dog eating doing all kinds of weird moves while eating. Even ate on his 2 front legs. Srill weird but funny weird. Yeah one of the million og doh doing stuff on 2 legs but still cute. smile

Dark Weirdness Evil Tenebrous Blackness Rocks.

But the violent weirdness of our world doesn't at all.

And azathoth, that different Ben's movies you listed, these ones I like, not the others...

Something about Mary, Zoolander, Cable Guy

The 2 movies I'm really waiting for to come out somewhere are:
Les Misérables and Silver Lining Playbook

I love the French Revolution era look of the stuff they wore. Amazing. And man, GIRLS WITH CORSETS!!! WOOOOO!!! lol


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Jessica Chastain was on Fallon just now and they showed another clip I hadn't seen yet of Mama in which she plays and cannot say anythiing else that:


It'll really be something. Was fun to hear her talk about it, gave me more tidbits of info on it. Cool.

And man, I LOVE Redheads.

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Another day. Another dollar hmm


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Way to see it for a working girl like you.

For me it's more like another day, another bunch of Expresso and Jack Daniels. H3LL I love that dude big_smile

Wondering why I just can't get back into my ancient memory what I dreamtn hmmm, nightmared rather about last night. I know it was weird and wild but jsut can't pinpoint anything else that some pieces of the feeling I had when into it.

And I don't like it.
Ahhh well, what can I do anyways, Might as well forgot about all this. lol

I've found Mr. Black the Panda man's cousin just now. And I like. Very sweet. smile


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ah chillin at home.
Later i went to the Cienma and watch the enw Tarantino, and after the Movie, iam lookin forward to meet hot girls.

Oh, and now i watch an Alicia keys Show on youtube

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Enjpy mate.
Always look forward to meet hot girls myself.
Sadly it rarely happens. Aside from the strippers ones. Ah well netter that nothing. At least they're real, not like in Porn.

Speaking of Porn, jerking off makes a body and mind good. lol

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I assure you all......I...AM...Real.........maybe


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If you're real, then I'm a monkey.   Wait....


Re: Totally random

I don't believe you.
You'll have to prove it to me by coming over here NOW!!!
I'm waiting. lol


Re: Totally random

On my way...


Re: Totally random

Was talkng to miss thedeadshallrule Daphne I heard here and there she's called but still I guess I'll have to bear or rather monkey with you. lol

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Soy sauce tastes like liquid salt. Blech..

Re: Totally random


This is one of the best videos ever. lol


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so, iam ready for "Django Unchained", and no i read on a Site, if there are good Events, so then i dress fanzy, and when there is NOTHING for me, i will wear my Maiden Shirt and go to an irishPub, to meet my ex best Friend, because iam lookin forward to get his Girlfriend in my bed