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I been watching the Psycho series lately and enjoyed the sequels

I heard there is other Upcoming TV show Called Bates Motel, I know that the New one as got nothing to do with This one.

I am watching Psycho 4  at the moment and I wonder if , I should see this movie after seeing the fourth one.

There is not point seeing the remake is there?   

As anyone seen this TV movie? and It is worth watching

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i love all 4 psycho films Bassi. all of them are good. no it's not worth watching the remake, nor the 1987 t v pilot which just didn't work, in my opinion.

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I never saw Bates Motel (1987) but I even think the plot sounds stupid, and this is coming from a person that loves every Psycho to date. And because of the extreme low number on IMDB, I'd say a safe bet is not to waste your time on it.

Also, I saw the remake myself and I would say there is no real reason to watch it. Like, it doesn't do anything different.

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Agreed; Bates Motel is a waste of time.  So is the Psycho remake, IMO.  It's a shot-for-shot remake; the few changes are negligible at best, and downright unnecessary to begin with and add nothing of value.  Vince Vaughn does his best in the role of Norman but despite the effort he's simply and woefully miscast, and everyone else sleepwalks through their roles. 

If you're a fan of the Psycho series, the remake will do nothing but piss you off.  You've seen the first four movies, which are the only ones you need to see.

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Though Vaughn tries his best in the role, he hasn't a shred on Anthony Perkins.

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Only saw Hitchcock's one and the remake which I own too and yeah, Vaughn is good in it but overall something is really missing from the Alfred's one. Can't figure out what. Oh yeah I know what it is. The Hitchcock's signature. Can't beat that really.

Anybody seen Hitchcock with Hopkins, Mirren and the Scarlett bomb???
That's one I look forward to. Crazy how much Anthony looks so much like Alfred, terrifying.

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^^^ I'm actually currently DLing a "For Your Consideration" DVD screener as we speak.  Hope to watch it later tonight or tomorrow and will share my thoughts then.

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I've actually heard Anthony Perkins actively tried to boycott the TV series from airing.

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I'm a great fan of the original and everything after that has been pretty much 'meh'.

The Vince Vaughn debacle was terrible. I mean out of all the actors in the world they had to miscast him.

I'm not saying that movie was bad in itself but with him in it, it became a thousand times worse.

Even now, whenever I see or hear of  a Vince Vaughn movie, I wince.