Re: Totally random

Can't believe I started all that. lol

I love it when mom calls me and say:

I cleaned up the freezer cause I had waaay too much stuff in there so I'll bring it to you at 9pm later.

I love my mom. smile

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Re: Totally random

http://whatculture.com/film/10-film-seq … als.php/10

I don't get agree with #1 at all, it's no way a better movie than the original. Sorry.


Re: Totally random

I personally do. H3LL man, NEWT!!!
Plus it's got the best line in the history of cinema for me period.

"Get away from her you BITCH!!!"

Nothing will ever beat that. smile


Re: Totally random

Was gonna watch Children of the Corn: Genesis. But some nice person on twitter said it sucked. And the IMDb gave it like 3/10. So I'm putting it on hold.


Re: Totally random

Yeah it does suck.
Especially when compared to the first which was a true blast.

It's gonna be a Descent night for me. Love them both.
They sit at the same table of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blair Witch Project, Nightmare On Elm Street, Evil Dead, The Ring and Horror Hotel. SO yeah it's THAT good for me. smile

Gonna need an oxygen bottle though, they are so damn furiously claustrophobic it's just SICK!!! lol

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Re: Totally random

http://berlinromexpress.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/mr-schadenfreude.png lol


Re: Totally random

Hahahahaha That's too good!!!

Well, well, well, my freezer is more than full. A big garbage bag full of stuff [food not garbage of course heh] mom brought me. Damn mom RULES!!!

Now I'm going in the Descent Cavern. But don't make a sound because the unable to see Zombified mutants will hear us... lol

I love this map, useful when you watch the movie.
Gotta love the DVD's extras. smile


Good night to you all and if you see any Succubi in your nightmares, don't touch them, THEY'RE MINE!!! lol
Cya tomorrow the coolest bunch of freaks in the universe.

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Re: Totally random

In bed. Thinking about watching something.

I really wish my cat would stop licking herself. She's friggin' loud.

Re: Totally random

Haha, I'm in bed too.  I was sick all week so I'm sleeping a lot.  I just slept almost like...12 hours (I know that's bad) and I'm ready for some more.  Hopefully I can go to bed soon (it's almost 1230am) so that I can stop being nocturnal and get on a normal sleep schedule.


Re: Totally random


Re: Totally random

I always knew those squirrels were secretly jedi knights


Re: Totally random

Alright, folks.  I'm looking for an independent sci-fi/horror flick.  I read about it several years ago in Fangoria; it might have been an Australian horror flick, or maybe New Zealand.  At any rate the title is...I forget.  It's something like Evil Motherfuckers, or Dawn of the Motherfuckers -- and no, this isn't a joke.  It looked to be something along the lines of Bad Taste, really low-budget and splattery.  The word "fuckers" is definitely in the title, though I'm pretty sure it's the full "motherfuckers."

I've googled it every different way but so far, bupkis.  I'm hoping maybe someone here read that same article several years back (I think it was around '05 or so) and can help me out with this.


Re: Totally random

MegaEvilMotherFuckers (Fangoria link)

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (2008)

Merry Christmas, Motherfucker (short) (2005)

Banana Motherfucker (!!!) (2001)

Meat Fucker (1999)

Wicker Man (2006)  big_smile

All I got for now hoss.


Re: Totally random

Wow azathoth, that's A LOT of motherfuckers!!! lol

WINTER SUCKS!!! So incredibly cold outside it's crazy. And I don't live in the north pole. Well oretty near but still. Urgh. Like the other day, the heating is at max and I still feel cold. H3LL, I like my inside of the apart temperature to be well above 25°C.

Descent was nice, like it always is. I truely dig these movies. The girls are not only great actresses but also very cute. Especially Nathalie Mendoza. Excellent and very beautiful.

BTW, thanks a lot for not talking too loud, the weird mutants did get most of the girls but not me. I appreciate. lol

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Re: Totally random

Nope, none of those, unfortunately.  But speaking of Wicker Man '06...



Re: Totally random

Totally fell asleep while watching some anime last night tongue

Too lazy to get up and make some coffee. I wish the coffee would just come to me.


Re: Totally random

"Someone call for a cup of coffee?"



Re: Totally random

MoonRaven wrote:

I wish the coffee would just come to me.

Oh that'd be perfect.
And azathoth, do they rent this guy somewhere??? lol

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Re: Totally random

Relationships suck. I just don't think I can be happy with or without her, what a shitty situation.


Re: Totally random

We can rent him out anywhere in the world, and he brings collectable cups, free of charge.  Shipping times for him may vary, though.

HQ just gave me a U2 song flashback...

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Re: Totally random

azathoth wrote:

"Someone call for a cup of coffee?"


Hahah indeed I did wink

Re: Totally random

HorrorQueen17 wrote:

Relationships suck.

I agree.


Re: Totally random

A sleepless night and late evening shift, to be followed by another insomniac night and early morning shift.

Re: Totally random

I set up a blog! smile It's a blog about movies and my first post is about to be posted, it's a Django Unchained review. If anyone would like to follow or subscribe or whatever you do on Wordpress then I would appreciate it. I shall do the same for you as well.

http://andrewmurphy219.wordpress.com/20 … ie-review/

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Re: Totally random

@ Queen, it might remember azathoth a U2 song but it reminds me of my Ex. Sometimes they do suck, sometimes they don't like you say, can't live with or wothout and it's hard to go through.

But when ut does, if it does, it's for the best. And if not, you weren't made for one and another. My take...

YAY Scavenger of Human Sirop, WordPress rocks!!!
Put the link in the bloggin thread would you??? smile

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