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Ultimate Warrior legally changed his name to Warrior...the guy is insane.  I hate saying this, but i'm super surprised he didn't die from all the steroids (given all the good ones who have passed who arguably did less than he).


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Like the new avatar/tag line.

Didn't he do that so no one could use it again in wrestling?

But when someone makes my antics look fairly normal... whoa.

And I dare you to push the button.


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azathoth wrote:

And Japan has snow monkeys!  big_smile

And samurais.
OH MAN!!! Snow monkeys samurais.
Damn yeah. That'd Rock!!! big_smile

Well another sleepless night.
Looks like MoonRaven finally fell asleep. Guess I didn't pinch hard enough. lol

I love Geishas, especially the one in Memoirs of a...

And as for wrestling, I grew up watching Giant Ferré, Dino Bravo, Mad Docg Vachon so these new guys especially from yje american's side of the border I lost 'em.

Mad Dog was my favorite. He was [as the name implies] MAD!!! And his voice man, he coulda been the singer of any Death Metal band without a problem. lol … urice.html

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^^^ We did have the British Bulldogs for a while here. lol

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I really feel as if haunted house movies in the last couple of years have declined. It just seems like the old recycled formula used over and over, with very little innovation.

But that's just me. lol


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Well I'm a VERY HAPPY dude today.
Wooohhhooo, YAY!!! big_smile

Well time for me to stop walking around on this Wild Weird Whores.
Been up since 6am yesterday so it'll do good.
Gonna watch Misti Dawn in one of her fabulous movies and then say goodbye cruel world until later.

Cya ya all and have a great Thanks Demon It's Friday. smile

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I went to bed at 3. Surprisingly by choice, I probably coulda stayed up through another episode or 2.
Can't stay up tonight. Work in the morning hmm but at least I have my final week off to try and stay up again tongue


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I've been so busy and time consumed but it's good to be back on. Even if it's a few days, it feels good to have the comp back. big_smile

Re: Totally random … amily.html

This is really horrible to hear.


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That is one f'd up kid.


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And they say kids are the future..:/


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Seriously?? Like what the fuck?
Now they are gonna go and blame horror movies hmm

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^^I've read about that. Really disturbing. He comes off as someone who just wanted to kill instead of actually being mentally unstable. Frightening.

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I'm going to be watching American Mary with a friend tonight, and I have heard such great things so I really hope I am not let down.

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Hope you enjoy it Scaves!

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Trying to find something to watch.
It's hard to choose

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My little kitty cujo just got into a little spat with the dog, and boy is he pissed off! I had to feed him a piece of ham to cheer him up. That helped a little, but he's still not too happy.

edit - and now he growls at me whenever I bring up the subject about how the was dog kicking his ass.

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Scavenger of Human Sorrow wrote:

I'm going to be watching American Mary with a friend tonight, and I have heard such great things so I really hope I am not let down.

Say hi to my Katarine Isabelle from me will you??? big_smile

MoonRaven, yeah, same thing for me here. Too much to chose from.

Glad to see you back Tripod, been a few.

The Creature, yeah, happens to my Sweet and the bird. 13 Blue is crazy, she jumps at her and Sweet doesn't like it at all so she slaps the bird. So freaking funny to see though. But this bird doesn't fear her at all. In fact, she jumps back at her over and over again. They're just nuts. lol

I like to nap. Did good so now I'm ready to Rock. smile


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Having some drinks while watching stuff. Good times.

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Having some too. Nothing like my best friend Jack Daniels boy. smile

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If Jessica Biel has a kid she should name it "Batmo"...just because.


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Hahaha Cool name for a kid. Even for a dog, cat, bird, monkey even. lol

And if she has no kids yet, I volonteer to make one to her. Anyday. big_smile


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I really need to get cracking on reading. One too many books on my shelf AND iPad that I have to read...well want to read tongue


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OK, where were all you jokers this past Wednesday?  lol

Naked carny invades house, poops, masturbates and drinks from a wet-vac while being shot at and tazed- … t-intruder

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Home from work. Having my last drink.
Probably watch a movie.