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Hi guys,

Anyone here looking forward to seeing Chained? It's a new film by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Lynch and from what I've read it sounds incredible.

The film is basically about a boy who is kidnapped by a psychotic murderer and chained inside the house. There he grows, locked away, doing whatever the serial killer asks and learning the ways of him in order to follow in this murderer's footsteps.

Here's the trailer...

I've got the DVD on pre-order am really looking forward to it!

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This looks pretty interesting.

What's up with Vincent D'Onofrio?  He is really into the horror genre now?  Just watched a horror directed by him (Don't Go In the Woods?), and another he starred in (Clear Lake, WI)...I realize there's others but these were obscure ones I wasn't familiar with...and really unimpressive too.

However, this one seems worth checking out.

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I liked Lynch's Surveillance. This one has been on my radar and I plan to watch it. Hope she delivers again with this one, definitely an interesting plot.

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I've loved Jennifer's SURVEILLANCE so I'm sure I'll love this one too. Trailer is way cool.

And I saw on her IMDb's page that something called Sodom is coming from her too. I don't have a Pro account so I don't know more yet.
On my way to the friendly Google dude now. big_smile

Thanks for putting this up.

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Hated the ending, seemed way too rushed. Vincent O'Onofrio's performance was amazing

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Looks fairly funky.  Didn't know Lynch was from Philly.  I wonder how much time Julia Ormand gets on screen (loved her since Sabrina).  As for D'Onofrio, I guess he's had some free time since L&O: CI went off the air.  If you haven't seen that show, he plays a fairly wacky cop on there.