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I've been cutting my own hair for the last few months.  First time was time-consuming as I learned my way around my own giant head; after that, it was easy.  Clippers with #3 extension for bottom and sides; wet top and trim with scissors; bare clippers to clean up edges and nape of neck.  Takes me all of 10, 15 minutes and looks damned good, if I say so myself.

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Lol Thanks for your encouragement LoudLon.  I think cutting a dude's hair is a bit different than a woman's hair.  My hair was so long it covered my nipples if i just let it down.  And now...well now it doesn't.  Oops.  I don't even think it's even on both sides.  I don't REALLY care though. My sister is going to colour it blue in a few weeks for me anyway.  I doubt anyone will notice the horrid hair cut.


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Nah, the blue will excuse any cutting errors, because it'll make people think you're going for a punk rock look and that the cutting errors are intentional.  You'll be a'ight.  And if not, well...clippers with #3 extension for the bottom and sides, and wet and trim with scissors on top. big_smile

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HAHAHAHA I'll keep your clippers comments in mind if the blue doesn't turn out hahaha


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Evelyn Williams wrote:

Anyone want to come over for dinner? lol

I would if Toronto wasn't that far away from Rivière-du-Loup, my city way far east. Bon appetit anyways!!! smile
And blue is cool. I like colored hair a lot normal, I'm a Punker so... Had them blue years ago. Dark blue.. I understand why you cut it though. What a crazy idea to cover up nipples with hair. Mwahahaha

I'm very happy today, well like I always am. Getting Dark Knight Rises now, can't wait to see it. Please get down faster you slow one, go, go, go!!! Can't wait.


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kXnPunk wrote:

And blue is cool. I like colored hair a lot normal,

I haven't coloured my hair in almost 3 years!  It's completely natural right now.  I figure I might as well do something drastic and colour it ALL blue!  why not?

Such a good movie!


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I'm sure I'll be jumping all over my walls and probably the celling too when I'm gonna watch it. lol

2013 is very promising cause every new stuff's trailers I've seen yet are damn wild. Just the fucking crazy awesome trailers for Evil Dead are a kick in the teeth. Yup. I'll enjoy 2013 Horror.

H3LL, I enjoy every year since the first Evi; Dead so... lol

Speaking of 2013 movies MULBURY PROJECT LOOKS HOT!!!


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F--- this noise.  I've put up with the usual farther-in-law insanity shit.  (We're supposed to meet  people for dinner at 7PM, at a place about 7 minutes away.  At 6:15 he's in his car, comes into the house yelling "Why aren't you ready!"; we'ew playing the Jeopardy DVD game and he's yelling at everyone that they're too slow, yet he can't figure out the buttons himself; he said something about shoveling and salting the walks, so I do it, and I get "You shoveled to much (what ???) and used too much salt!"; telling me that warming up the car for Vampy is a waste of gas; but what just pushed me over the edge was I walked in the door, it's about 2 inches ajar, he yells "Close the door!" as I'm grabbing my laptop (5 feet away from the door) as I say "I'm going right back out," and I get "I DON'T CARE!"

F' this noise.


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Gah, what a prick, man.  Hang in there, Azzie.


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I'm in a good mood.  Looked outside this morning and finally saw snow.  Only the third day this winter; the first two times it was negligible and didn't stick.  Today, the mountains are freshly coated in powder.  It's the only time of year the landscape actually looks pretty 'round here.


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LoudLon wrote:

Gah, what a prick, man.  Hang in there, Azzie.

15 minutes later I go back into the house, and "So what do you want to do for lunch?"

<facepalm> <facepalm>  <eating drywall> <facepalm>  <humping hot water heater> <facepalm> <punching myself in the nuts> ....

It's not that he's a prick on purpose, he's just an idiot (and Vampy approves of this term).   It's like he's working on a different dimensional plane than everyone else; you can understand it, but you still just want to put him in a zoo exhibit.


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Reminds me of an exchange I had with my best friend's dad back in 9th grade.  He was driving us to a video store, and he was a crotchety old guy, and also an idiot.  It was winter and we're driving along, and I'm in the front seat, and the windshield was steaming up and dude's dad forgot to turn on the defrost.  So I start rubbing at the windshield with my hand, and...

Best friend's dad: Hey, don't do that.  Don't you know what's on your fingers?

Me, after a confused moment: Gloves?

Best friend's dad: "Blood?!"

Me: No, "gloves."

Best friend's dad: Not gloves!  Oil! 

I look at my gloves; no oil to be seen.

Best friend's dad: No, on your fingers.

Me: but I'm wearing gloves.

Best friend's dad: Not blood!  Oil!

It took all I had just to grin and bear it. lol


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I feel good!!

While in one of the classroom's at work; I looked out a window and noticed that across the street water was gushing out of the ground in 3 different places. I notified the Principal, and he called the city. Twenty minutes later the Principal gathered all the staff and students to announce that "because of the water main break across the street. The city was going to have to shut down the water to work on it. Therefore, we would be going home early to day." So, not only did I get to leave work 4 1/2 hrs early, I also got full pay. smile


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Y'know who else feels good?



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Gloves, blood, and oil-



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I'm oh so damn pissed right now. Doesn't happen very often and it's gonna be over in a few but still.

The idiots at the DVD store can't get American Mary and V/H/S neither.
Some excuse saying that a lot of Horror movies can't get in Canada...
Are you kidding me??? AMERICAN MARY IS CANADIAN you stupid *ssholes. Ah well, gonna have to find another way, I WANT THEM!!! sad


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http://www.amazon.ca/V-H-S/dp/B009M1HJR … amp;sr=8-2

American Mary is still TBA for release.



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Well thank you for that useful info monkey knight.


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As per usual. Not that great. I've been living with my grandmother and uncle (those of you who know me will know why).

My uncle has a "mental disability" (or so he's got everyone convinced he does. And he uses this as an excuse to be a horrible horrible person. He shows no respect for anybody else, is mean, petty, and just outright the worst human being possible.

I finally had enough of his crap friday and lost my shit on him (which is saying something because I don't ever lose my temper, ever). Now I am probably getting kicked out and facing being homeless again.

On a positive note though, I finally have a date set for my Disability Hearing, April 16th. After almost four years of fighting with the government on what's rightfully mine, I'll have an answer one way or another.

@LoudLon Sure wish you could come down and testify in front of the judge for me!! big_smile


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Z, dude, if I could, I would.  Oh, and check your PMs.

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Z man that's proper shitty. Sorry about that. A friend of mine, my tattoo artist actually, is having a tough time at the moment and his Mum won't let him stay at her house, so effectively he is homeless. She charged him to have a bath at hers last week, so we've told him he can crash here whenever he needs to. Sometimes people baffle me.

I'm feeling much better. Had a long talk with my girlfriend, she's living miles & miles away and we had a huge bust up and basically said we were splitting up, so I spent a sleepless night really depressed and remembering everything we had together. Next morning I'm just about to go out with the dogs when there's a knock at the door; she's driven 3 hours just to say she still loves me and we are going to work things out no matter what. So it's still tough and I'm not seeing her that often but at least we're both committed to making it work now. I think we needed the big blow up to let all our feelings out, and now we are both much calmer and I'm feeling a ton better!


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z3r0c00l, major suckness that is.
And yeah governments and their crap Disabily stuff and rules can't believe that. Like everything from the governments aside very little stuff.

Sometimes gets the always happy me not so happy anymore.

I know positive thinking is hard when a situation like yours happens but try your best, you can't lose and might find a way of exiting that damn trap in you're stuck in.

When I hear stuff like yours happening makes me sad not to be able to help with more than words on a forum. sad

Been living in the streets 4 years in a row a few years back and sleeping in restaurants garbage containers to keep warm at -30°C wasn't what I call fun.

Wishing you the best with all that trouble and someday probably faster than what you expect everything will be nice for ya again.

Haven't talked much to you yet, but hey I don't like people having shitty stuff happening. Shit happens they say??? Well it shouldn't lemme tell ya. smile

Yeah Queen, People are truely baffling.
But happy to see all gets better with the gf. Happy for ya, still though because long distance love is incredibly hard, lived it 3 years long, 700kms of distance but we managed to get through that. Nice to see love's still glowing in both your hearts. big_smile

I'm into a fabulous wasted like I love state and it makes me very happy. Feel so good when it's like that.

And my second best team won, jumped and slammed everything around here a bunch. lol

Landlord sells the house so people are coming this pm at 4. Gotta do a bit of fast clean up. I'm far from being someone that keeps things shiny at all. I love trashed & dirty stuff. Everything is very, very well organized though, have no choice, way too much stuff that it looks like a comic book store in here. HAHAHA
But once in a while it does good to shine it up. And time is now.

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@ZDog- finally you'll get some answers.
@HQ- Charged her own son for a bath?  WTF^4.
@Punk- Only you and Demon are crazier than I here.
@Lon- You're OK today.
@UDog- I owe you some TT's from our season long NFL bet.  I forget which team you had.  All I know is that the Eagles had 4 wins.
@Wolfy- Stay furry, my friend.
@Crispy- Keep up the good work on the blog.
@Cappy- Keep doing whatever it is you do.  Just don't tell me what that is.
@Meh- Good job, boss.

What, I'm in a mood.


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But I'm faking it, I'm a secret agent in a mission disguise. lol

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May I ask a favor from someone?
I could use several pictures of adorable animals and/or some words of encouragement.  I'm having an off, rare depressed day because of the work thing, even though I have 10 printouts of job applications right next to me I can't seem to even bother looking at. 
Much appreciated.