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Is anybody as excited about this as I am?

I saw a brief shot of what I am certain was this movie ages ago, with Simon Pegg sitting in a bus while something came from the sky. I mean, it's Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg teaming up again. And a big point in its favor is the very attractive Rosamund Pike. Win win!

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I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, don't get me wrong here. But this whole 'World's End' thing is getting repetitive and less funny as the jokes/movies go on.

Just give it a rest now.

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Hey scav don't get so upset, it's not the end of the world.
lol lol

Seriously it's not, the film is about a pub crawl and the last pub on the list is called The World's End.
It's also the final installment in the "Blood and Ice cream" trilogy.

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@Cap - You had to pull that joke didn't you? lol

And as for the plot, I didn't know it was that. My mistake. smile

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