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His execution is certainly not 'fine' in Hostel 1 in my opinion. Boring, predictable direction, over reliance on extreme gore to make a impact and annoying techno music (kids having sex and going to nightclubs, how freakin intriguing Mr.Roth). The only way I like to see Roth anymore is his head on the end of a propellor like in Piranha 3D.

The only memorable bits in Cabin Fever and Hostel 1 for me are the various girls fine boobs, rather than Roths non existent 'fine' directing, but it doesn't take a master of film to shoot that.

I will admit I liked SOME sequences in Hostel 2 but again, as a whole a pretty forgettable, and only mildly improved film.

As I mentioned before I rate Jim Mickle far HIGHER than Roth. Though I have only seen 2 of his films, the very impressive Mulberry Street and excellent Stakeland he clearly has more originality  and talent in his finger than Roth has in his entire juvenile and ignorant approach to film-making.

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Im also eager to see more films from Anthony DiBlasi, director of Dread (10/10 for me) and Cassadaga which I also quite liked.

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@ Az

^ I dissagree with that...I can only imagine how many thousands of people come up missing every year and are never found and the mysteries never solved. Serial killers go years and even decades without being caught. I think shows like CSI and Law and Order make many people think that you can never outrun the law in the world of technical advances we live in today but thats just not always true.

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The ones that stand out for me are Jen and Sylvia Soska, Timo Tjahjanto and Srjdan Spasojevic.