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Hi all,

I've been wondering lately, what are some of the best horror films to watch at home? Whilst watching a horror film on the big screen with a packed audience is a fantastic experience, there’s something special about watching a terrifying movie in your own house. It rips apart your comfort zone and demands for a much more intimate and intense viewing, especially with haunted house movies or home invasion flicks.

So, are there any films that you think work best at home rather than on the big screen with a big audience? Has a film had more of an impact when you watched it at home or do you think Cinema is always the best?

Some that spring instantly to my mind are Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project. Another one I'd add is the INCREDIBLE new horror movie, Sinister which will be so intense and terrifying watching it at home - I've got the Blu-ray on pre-order (not much longer left till it's out - Cannot wait!)

Come on guys, share your thoughts...

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Well obviously house oriented ones like PA that you mentioned and loads of other in homes like for example House Of The Devil, House Of 1000 Corpses and so on...

One with Kristen Stewart before the Twilight's craze, The Messengers.

And of course the good old Spielberg's classic Poltergeist.

Houses are creeping scary at their core so anything in them as got to be.

Maybe because I have a bunch of entities following me around that I say that but hey, that comes with the deal I made back then ages and ages ago. lol

At home or at the cinema is pretty much the same thing for me. The spirits and my cat and bird make quite an audience. My pets express themselves a lot, especially with screams, they go WILD!!! Hahaha

So here's my take. smile

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Watch When A Stranger Calls home alone on a Saturday night and let me know how that goes.

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Damn Scavengarulizator, you beat me to it, was about to re-edit to add it. H3LL yeah, definitely. Anyone of them really.

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Insidious at about 2AM in the dark works well.

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To me all horror films are more effective watched at the privacy of your on home. Especially haunted house type flicks. There are to many people around in the theater, it's harder to get creeped out.