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azathoth wrote:

Where did Calvin Klein get that video of me?

From your secret Bunker hideout into the lines of code of HM. lol

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Aww, bugger.

I think my new GoDaddy website company will be

The new Star Trek movie looks intriguing.

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I'm cheering for the 49ers and I'm not saying nice stuff right now.

A lot of cursing is happening.

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The Rock is badass when it comes to buying milk.

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That touchdown literally blew my mind.

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Ha ha ha ha!  My monkeys got 1/2 the power.  Just waiting for the panda tanks now....

And is down.  "Scheduled maintenance" my furry butt, lol .

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getken wrote:

Go Pats!! Oh wait, we're not in it???

thank god lol not a fan at all

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Was nice to see Beyonce's curves go wild, very nice choreography and songs too. That's her fault the outage, she sucked all the power pretty damn good with her show.

Oh wait true, the monkeys, hey woops, forgot about these cool mess makers and rebel unlawful cool guys. lol

I got up and danced like a crazy fool [which I know I am anyways]. lol

Great game, VERY GREAT GAAAME!!!

All the plays are top this year. Awesome touchdowns and man that loooooooooooooooooooooooong run had me screaming like a nuts!!!

Pizza with chili sauce and 4 layers of mozzarella/cheddar on top right here for you all folks. big_smile

Oh and Flacco is on freaucking FIRE!!!

So yeah. Go Ravens, kill 'em.


And Underdog, slapped 2000 toe tags on your head just for fun fun fun. lol

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Well another Super Bowl behind us.  I thought there for a second that the 49ers were going to take the lead when they were on the 6yd line, late in the game. Not to be though.  Was a damn good game too. Which is all i wanted it to be.

Of all the commercials. The one I enjoyed the most was:  "dad, where do babies come from?"

Az, I just sent you 1000 TT's. Hopefully next year it will be our teams in it? Yea right!! smile  Sounds good though, huh.

Kpunk, I thank you for the 2002 TT's, my friend. Mighty kind of you! And as a token of my appreciation. 3000 TT's headed your way. Don't spend them all in one place....Mmmmmkay.

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@ getken, another fan right here!!!

@ my COOL Queen, I'd be confused too if I were you.

Goal of the game is to run with the ball in your hands to cross the last line on the side of the opponents. That's called a touchdown and it's 6 points. Then right after they kick the ball between the poles and it gets you one more. But what is fun is seeing everybody trying to pass and the enemies trying to grab the ball and stop them. Smashing into each other or doing wild juggling moves and pitches with the ball. There's some more points allowed for some other stuff but if you're interested really or if you wanna grab more infos for next year's check NFL on wiki.

Was the very simple Football 101 for you. Hope you get it better with that. Good choice of a mascot though, the Ravens WOOON!!!

I find the 49ers' cleavage better but there's more blondes our side so. And H3LL, we're in Baltimore not California we need warmer stuff. Hahaha

Cheers you all.

Was a very nice game. very tight. Great play on one side or the other.

Ok now here I am to pay my dues.

I first gotta give 1666 tags to azathoth for this entertaining imagery and blabbery/linkage all along this game.

And 1500 to:
- Our Queen
- ChainSaW80
- Suspiria_89
- Gardenofstone10

Ah ya, 1000 to Tripod for the infinite witches, 666 to getken for being a pro-Pats. So there.
9332 toe tags gone somewhere else.

Glad I could finally use them.

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles wrote:

I lose you win
I lose you win
I lose you win again.
I hold a grudge
I live for revenge
The five-year plan
I win, you lose
I win, you lose
I win I win I win I wiiin!

They lost we wøøøØOØoø•Nnnn!!!

And Scavenger of Human Morrow, I'm waiting for the 10,000 ones. tongue lol

Was a blast when the time board hit the 0:00, Dead Kennedys-Halloween was playing, perfect. Hehehe

Re: Super Bowl 2013

AND 1620 to Underdog for being a so damn good adversary. big_smile

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Oh boy, the conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork about the blackout in the Superbowl:
-The network did it to overcharge the advertisers,
-The NFL did it let the 49ers get back into the game (for better ratings),
-The city of New Orleans did it to get back at Roger Goodell for the Bountygate stuff,
-Someone (seriously) managed to blame George Bush (??!?!).
-Someone (jokingly) said that Beyonce's ass sucked all the power out of the city.

I can't even develop a coherent sentence about the above.  I'll just let my snow monkeys chime in for me-

Re: Super Bowl 2013

34 minutes damn that was pretty long.
It's Beyonce, that's pure evidence. She gets out of stage and bam half of the place in the dark. She and her beautiful curves were so hot it made the electrical outlet/cables/stuff/things melt. lol
That's my theory and I think it competes well with the others you mentioned. Bush, come on now WTF???

The snow monkeys are cool. May I adopt one??? The one looking straight into my eyes....

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Sure you can have a few (they don't like being alone).  I'm not responsible if they run away, though-  Their diet of acid blood and soul anguish is very stringent.

Beyonce/blackout twitters.

OK, not Bush, but still nutty.

Brittany Hayes@bjhayes25
Power outage at the Superdome... it's President Bush's fault again.

Since we can now all vote for MVP if the 49ers win MVP goes to George W Bush for obviously causing the blackout.

[end edit]

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Well at least I know their menu. Gonna put these in my grocery list which already has strange stuff like polar bear powder and icy fire cookies.
I'll take good care of 'em. Lovely little [or not] beasts. smile


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Go re-check my previous post, I found some stuff for you that I added.

Kind of disappointing on the ads this year.  Grades for all 50 ads (with video of each).

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Got it thanks. I'm reassured. Some are damn much more crazy than I am.

"I hear there are scattered reports of cannibalism from inside the dome."

Yeah some afs were not cool even boring and idiotic [Don't Worry from Volks, PLEASE, been used WAAAYYY too often] but on the other side, some were just freaking amazing like the Space Babies.
Or Oreo with their you still can dunk your cookies in the dark that was retweeted like man when they posted it. Was very efficient work from all the puclicity team I can assure you. A few minutes ut took.

Nice linkage. Thanks yo.

Ah well, ate and drank way too much, guess I'll go digest and wipe out my brain a few hours before Bush comes here and sends naked Leopard Obamas after me. lol

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Naked Leopard Obamas, classic.  We have a new Skype meme.

I liked space babies 10X better when I saw baby panda (and the monkeys, of course).  I'm thinking- "Where is Mr. Black?  Oh, in a space capsule!"

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Mwahahaha oh yesss. Can't believe I said that naked Leo Obama thing, made me laugh so much when I just read it back. lol

See what I loved the most about the Super Bowl this year aside from the amazing plays of the 2 teams is not Beyonce but rather the INCREDIBLE performance by Alicia Keys on piano. Man was so great I almost cried. smile