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MoonRavenly miss, that's work you should wreck, not your nails. lol

Tripod, we don't have them here sadly so ChainSaW80's idea would work. smile

And for 10$ it's a very cool bargain.

Played on XBox 360, was a freaking blast. Visuals are amazing and game play very fun. Enjoy it. And play for me, I don't have a console, was at my friend's. sad

Someday... :sigh:

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Oh Justice League in a game, that's be furiously kewl and gnarly to the top.


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Yeah, Arkham Asylum's a great game.  Arkham City's even better.


Re: Totally random

It's too early to be up sad My bed was so comfy


Re: Totally random

Yeah, been up all night once more and my beddy bad fucked up but still comfy bed screams at me. But the Evil creatures of the Demonic Nightmare land and Succubi scream louder. Off there now. Before they have the very bad idea to resurect me. lol

OG DAMN YESSS, FINALLY Black cents are gone since this morning in Canada. Was about damn time. NOT racist and against it all the way but NOT for cents.

Ahhh, I'll feel much lighter without that crap in my pockets. Hahaha

Ciao gang. Cya ya somewhere in another plane of existence, my very Dark sleep world. I'll leave the gate opened if you dare come down. big_smile

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"We live as we dream, alone"


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The new Fast and Furious looks pretty cool.

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On Valentines Day here in Ireland, the cinema is only €2 per person, you know what that means don't you!? Three movies in a day for me! lol


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Valentine's Day, or as I'd like to say.."Forever Alone Februrary". lol


Re: Totally random

Hanging out with the bestie today. But it's almost time to go home.


Re: Totally random

This dude, just... this dude...
Homeless Hitchhiker(Kai) Saves Woman From Jesus Attack W Hatchet. FUNNIEST NEWS REPORT EVER (YouTube link)[/url]

Re: Totally random

LoudLon wrote:

Yeah, Arkham Asylum's a great game.  Arkham City's even better.

Hell yeah, i'll be lookin' to pick it up if I like the first one well enough.


Re: Totally random

Scavengorbatolik of Human Sorrow wrote:

"We live as we dream, alone"

Nice one, always loved this one. smile

And woah, yeah azathoth, this dude, just this dude...

A peasant that reads is a prince in waiting. - Walter Mosley

Oh??? Watch out, someday I"ll be a prince. Well more than I already am that is. lol

Just woke up, slept all day again. Sweet. No I don't like days. But H3LL yeah, gimme any nights and I'm happy.

Yup, Vamp I am. Definitely, got the 2 fang marks on my neck to prove it...

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What's shakin' bacon?


Re: Totally random

Starting my online night.

Watching ABC World News Now, yeah I like these 2, they're funny.

Wondering if I feel like watching Dark Knight that's sitting on my computer's desktop since I bought the DVD the 1rst February.

Might do... Maybe. Thing is I enjoy watching pictures of Bree Olson way much more. lol


Re: Totally random

Just saw the ad saying that Red Window with the extraordinary Melissa Geirge is starting soon on ABC. Way too cool, saw a bunch of episodes and it's a great show, she so cute and good in this. YAY!!!

And man, I'm so damn looking forward to see Del Toro's Pacific Rim it's insane. That movie is gonna kick ass. Thanks to the main site for posting 5 new picts earlier, I'm happy. smile

Check it out, it RULES!!!


And man, RON fucking PERLMAN!!! Woah.

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I could use a nap...but I just work up...and have to go to work hmm


Re: Totally random

Well good morning to you my dear Dark Bird from the best planet EVER, mother Moon. Yes it IS a planet, don't try to change my mind. lol
I napped all day long. Just the landlord and his visit that woke me up. But I slept the qhole time they were in, didn't even realize they went away. Hahaha Yeah, screw them. At least I dreamingly seem to have payed my rent.

I'll give you a few hours of that while you work MoonRaven. smile
Here's a good coffee, expresso of course. Whaddya want for breakfast???

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Re: Totally random

Well kitchen is closed, no breakfast for you. Too late. tongue Hahaha

I WANT A PET just like this guy to play with Sweet and 13 Blue. WOW!!!
I love the smoke coming out of his nose. What an amazing picture. big_smile


Re: Totally random



Re: Totally random

Hahaha Funny.

Quebecker Kids Help's association with a pharmacy did this thing where you'd give money to buy a virtual domino and once they had 25 000, they they did with them.

I always find stuff like this freaking amazingly cool.

Silence is the real crime against humanity. - Nadezhda Mandelstam

Yes sir. big_smile

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I got linked the meaning of the term 'Lion King' - yep, that has totally ruined the movie for me now.

And no, I'm not posting the meaning of it here. lol


Re: Totally random

URGH Noooooo please don't ever talk about the crappiest animated movie ever.

Man I hate that film so much.
Damn I like Tele Tubbies and Honey Boo Boo way much more than that. lol

Re: Totally random

^ It's not that bad! lol

Speaking of Kings, King Diamond is one of the best vocalists of all time. The dude live is even outstanding.


Re: Totally random

No, it's worst than that. tongue

And oh yeah, saw Mercyful Fate in '85 and it was a freaking blast.
The guy can sing like H3LL!!!