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Too much of these chemical combinations.
They should drink absinthe, it'd fix them right up. Mwahahaha lol


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It looks like yu lost 12 hours Demon.

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For this month's second escapade,. Jim Beam, Vodka, and OJ. Yaaay.

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Bottom's up.

Hanging out with a friend. Playing our nerdy Magic game. Listening to Jimi Hendrix.
Having a fond time.


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Sounds cool. Magic, as in Magic cards???

Bacardi again for me now. Cheers!!!


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Hahahaha man. Magical indeed.


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I think I've been up for about 22 hours.  Everything is f'n magic at this point.  I wouldn't be surprised if I pee'd and I ended up riding a rainbow unicorn fart across the TV as a PSA.  Or is that the one when the girl smacks her self in the head with a skillet for doing drugs?  Unicorn fart drugs?  (And no, I have not taken anything stronger than lead paint and gasoline fumes.)

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kXnPunk wrote:

Sounds cool. Magic, as in Magic cards???

Bacardi again for me now. Cheers!!!

Indeed, Magic: The Gathering card game.
Cheers to you, dear Sir!


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Hahaha azathoth unicorn fart. Man, you should write a screenplay with all these crazy ideas you have, it'd be number 1 at the box office I'm sure. lol

Very cool The Creature, we spent days playing these. Oh and D&D too.
Always a big party everytime. Goes with it all the time. big_smile

Bottoms up for me now. Cul sec we say in french. I love Bacardi, very tasty, the tastiest in my humble opinion.

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...Dr. McGillicuddy's cherry flavor yumm


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Was a great Rhumish night. I enjoyed. smile


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Well the Bacardi Rhum's 40 ouncer is dead.
Surprised it took so long. Well probably because I took every sip slowly to better absorb the wonderful taste.

This week I'll get Jack Daniels. Better. Not far but better.
Oh well, maybe a Jose Cuervo from Mexico??? Nah. JD it's gonna be.

Now drinking Carling Black Lavel cans. Great looking one BTW. smile


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7X335Ml of Carling Black Label in my wasted system now. 5 more to go to be out.

But my buddy Fucker Marc-ander came earlier after the Ravens win and brought this way tasty red wine, a 13.5% BAREFOOT ZINFANDEL made in the USA. Bubble gum is what comes to mind as far as taste go but with a very fruity back draft. Pretty damn amazingly delicious.

So yeah, I'm pretty much in a drunkenly devastated state that I love and live into. lol


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Was that time again.
So yeah... Did. lol


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hahahahahahaha 4:20 on the dot. love it

I got really drunk last night.  Like....REALLY drunk.  I spent all today so hungover.  Ugggggggggggh it was totally one of those "never drinking again" days. 

But I just had pizza.  Which seems to cure all hangovers instantly.


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So was I, can't believe all I wrote in here, laughing at a lot of stuff I wrote  and if azathoth says that me and Demon are crazier than he is it's probably true. But that doesn't make him less crazy, far from that. lol

See these hangovers I just NEVER feel them at all. Just wake up ready to go again like now. Damn that wine was incredibly good last night. Very delicious. I love alcohol so much, not just the cool effect but mainly for the taste.

On that note, opening up a 26 ouncer of my best friend ever Jack Daniels now. Yeah, another one. Probably the stuff I drank the most in my life, don't even have enough cells to count how many I drank. lol


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I just recently started drinking Jack!  Couldn't do it for so long...I had one of those pukey nights from Jack.  I'm more of a tequila drinker.  I can out-drink almost anyone with tequila.  Tequila and my liver are good friends.  Jack is starting to become delicious to me once again


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I love Tequila. Well no. I love 2 kinds of Tequilas.
The one with a mescal worm in the bottom which you can find only in Mexico and then the FANTASTIC Jose Cuervo Especial.
He's a damn tasty fucker. smile


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Started with that:


Continuing with this. Ah I fucking damn LOVE SPAIN LIKE I DO FOR H3LL. A whole lot that is. Very tasty like every spanish red wines. Fruity as mad!!! Normal, they're the ones growing the best olives, tomatoes and oranges of the planet. Although they're equals with Florida as far as oranges go. But Spain is looking MUCH better, no doubt possible.

Then [which is now] I'm ingesting this:


So I'm sorry of what fuck ups I'm certainly gonna do in my writng tonight. And it'll be too much of a mess to edit so bare with it bunch of crazy [which is what Loco in Toro Loco's spanish means] mofoz. lol

Man, I LOOO6OOO6OOO6OOOøøøVEEEeee thiese wines and all kinds of alcohol.

And I admit, I'm an alcoholic. Fuck off AA and their damn 12 steps. I don't care about stopping to drink, I enjoy it WAY TOO FREAUCKING MUCH!!! tongue

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Tequila is what caused my glorious sword incident.  F' you, Jose.  lol


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Describe the said glorious sword incident, the dick or balls thing, can't remember???

Bless you Jose, ESPECIALLY mescal Jose Cuervo Especial for 25¢ a whole beer sized glass. Gotta love Mexico. All that during Dead's day can you understand why I love him so damn much??? The best party I ever was into. EVER and FOREVER!!!



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Let's just say I borrowed a buddy's sword to do some hedge trimming around the dorm one night.


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Oh ok. Must have been furious. lol

Furious doesn't even comes close to how much I was drunk last night, man, I was out of this world. 1 and a half bottle, damn I was soooooo wasted. Cool night. big_smile


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Portuguese and french Blood Red Wines tonight.
The portuguese is even Darker Red than Blood so it tastes SUPER good.
So does the french one. 3 different "cépages". Merlot [which I DIIIG], Syrah and Grenache. Fruitful. Tasty dudes with me tonight. YAY!!! big_smile



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