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Please help me remember the name of a horror movie, it has been driving me nuts for over a month and I can't seem to find any info on it anywhere, it is almost as though it has vanished completely!

I rented this movie from a local Blockbuster (which is now closed of course) about 4-5 years ago.  I'm pretty sure it was in new releases so it isn't that old, probably from 2005-2008.  The movie played out sort of like an anthology with at least three separate horror stories.  Not sure how they were all connected, I think perhaps all of the characters went to school together.

I don't remember the order of the stories, but here are the concepts that I remember.  One story had a group of guys receive a package or a present that contained one or more evil dolls or toys.  The gimmick was nobody ever really saw these dolls move but every time the lights went out some body got killed.  When the lights came back on there would be blood everywhere.

Another story had a girl on her way to a party at night out in the middle of nowhere.  Can't remember if her car broke down, or if she got into an accident, but she finds herself being stalked and attacked by some evil man.  The end of this segment takes place near some machinery, either a rock crusher or wood chipper and I think a conveyor belt, but she ends up pushing the guy into the machine and killing him. But just when she thought she won somehow she gets killed by the machine as well.

The last story I remember takes place at the party that the previous girl was driving to.  One of the girls turns out to be psycho and I think tries to kill the main girl and her boyfriend.  The only scene I really remember is the psycho girl with a knife trying to kill the boyfriend, they are in one of those poses where she is on top of him trying to stab him but he is using his strength to hold her hands back, and she gets the briliant idea to just drop the knife which falls and stabs him in the head.

I have tried all sorts of searches to find the name of this movie, and I seem to remember having problems looking it up on back when I watched it, so maybe it is a limited indie movie?  I live in Denver, so maybe it is only in Colorado?  I don't know, but it is driving me nuts.  It was definately direct to DVD, but the production value wasn't bad so it's not like it was just made in somebody's garage.

Thanks for any help!

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Perhaps? … _=tt_ov_pl

From youtube:

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I've tried looking up what movie this could possibly be but haven't found anything yet. Sounds like it's a pretty cool movie.

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Alas that isn't the movie.  Drat, if even this forum can't help me then maybe I am just out of luck! sad

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My horror knowledge is near-encyclopedic (that's not a brag; I just have that much time on my hands lol ) but I have to admit I don't have a clue what this could be.  At first I thought maybe it was a Charles Band flick, but then I don't remember him or Full Moon ever doing an anthology, at least not that recently.

Did you recognize any actors?  Was it a foreign film (well, foreign to the US, anyway)?

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Maybe, just a guess because I havent seen it myself but try Crrepshow 3, came out in 06 or 07 I think.

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Maybe... Amusement (2008)???

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I didn't recognize any of the actors, and for the life of me I can't remember if it was foreign but I think it was.  And unfortunately not Amusement, Trick R Treat or Creepshow 3.

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I went through a list of horror anthologies I found, none of them matched up.   A Wiki list.  The Wiki is by title, not year, so you'll have to do some clicking.

Best I got, for now.

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I have no idea, Here some movies of these kind

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Thanks, I scoured through those lists but no luck.  The more and more I think about it I believe it was a Blockbuster exclusive video when it came out.  I don't see it on their site though.  Beginning to think I am just crazy and I dreamt the whole thing up...

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A couple of times people have watched some things and years later mixed various parts of the films together.  We had a question that involved a guy hanging dead outside of a house thumping the wall, a floating American Indian head carving floating through hallways, and something else.  Turned out to be from 2 movies we knew and 1 we didn't.

That could be the next step- trying to place each scene individually.  I'll look into it.

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No doubt I am not remembering things correctly, and it is possible I am combining a couple movies into one memory.

I DID however find someone else asking about the exact same movie on another forum, alas noone was able to answer him either.  Here was his description:

The movie starts out with a group of friends who want to scare one of their female friends. They stage a murder to scare her but something goes wrong and of course someone really ends up dead. For the rest of the movie the remaining friends are chased by a serial killer who may have used gardening shears as a weapon. There are several funny moments in the film once where a guy innaccurately states the time and says something like "whatever I'm not good at math" and his friend says "that's not math it's telling time". Also, a guy attempts to slide over the roof of his car and fails miserably.

In the middle of this movie there is like a mini movie of it's own about tiny monsters that awaken in some guys apartment after he steals an ancient artifact from a museum. The only way to stop the tiny monsters is to shine light on them so the guy arms himself by taping flashlights all over his body and wearing a headlamp. Somehow he ends up in the basement and of course all of his flashlights go out and he gets crushed by a washing machine.

Now I don't remember the prank part all that well but the mentioned the middle part with the tiny monsters is without a doubt the one I am thinking of.  Looks like I confused these tiny monsters with dolls.

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Is it sorority row? smile

In saying that.. The first part of your synopsis fits perfectly with Sorority row, however, don't think the bit about the monsters fits!

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No, unfortunately isn't Sorority Row.