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You can post memorable, funny quotes from other members on here. They can be something that was recently posted, or if you feel like sifting through older threads, they can be older posts aswell. Here's one gem:

azathoth wrote:

When I poop, I don't always use a toilet, but when I do, I use an aggressive toilet.

Stay fresh, my friends.

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Wow, you could spend days going back and digging up stuff. I look forward to see what people come up with.

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That's gonna be fun indeed.

azathoth is always pretty insane but I've always enjoyed most of what DemonToSome comes up with. ESPECIALLY when he's drunk. Like this one here.

DemonToSome wrote:

i lice phony chicjs

Hahahaha lol

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Oh yeah me and Mr. Black have had some pretty funny convos last year. Especially when we used to have Gif wars. lol

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GIFs are so amazing. Best format ever.