Re: Never Sleep Again documentary - is it worth the money?

It's worth every penny, oops, I mean cent of that £9.99, oops, I mean $9.99 asking price just to hear the cast & crew of Part 2 all claim that they were oblivious of the films blatant homo-erotic overtones as they were making it. big_smile Yeah, right!!!
Plus - 10 dollars? Isn't that about 6 quid? I lose more than that running for the bus you cheapskate OP!!! lol

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Re: Never Sleep Again documentary - is it worth the money?

As for the other horror movie series documentaries like His Name was Jason and Halloween 25 Years of Terror, I think some of the stuff such as interviews of the cast of Friday the 13th part 5 I can pretty much watch on the Deluxe Edition DVD for Friday the 13th Part 5 where that gal with the real name Lark Vorhees I think is probablt the same interview from the His Name was Jason and the perv jerk producer talking about the gal's huge boobs.

Really, you gonna talk about an actress's boobs on a docuemtnary interview where she's probably sitting right next to you

Re: Never Sleep Again documentary - is it worth the money?

Earlier tonight I finally got to watch the main documentary of Never Sleep Again up to  the Welcome to Prime Time about the Freddy's NIghtmares show.

I never knew that the show got a bit gory  in some episodes and some wacky stuff that went on such as Lori Petty getting her head cutt off in some high school track competition episode lol.

Then some episode where Freddy pops out of a guy's stomach which brings up memories of Elm Street 2. Whoever did that episode of Freddy's Nightmares they must have seen the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 movie way too much lol

Re: Never Sleep Again documentary - is it worth the money?

I remember watching Freddy's Nightmare during its original run (I was in high school at the time) but the only episode I remember is the one you mentioned, I believe it was called "Killer Instinct" and co-starred an actress I had a crush on at the time named Yvette Nipar, who had gorgeous light-blue eyes and a big ol' mane of wavy brown hair (and who was also a semi-regular for a couple seasons of 21 Jump Street, which I also used to watch in high school).

But I digress. lol

I remember the decapitation wasn't very graphic -- in fact, if memory serves I believe it was more hinted at than actually shown -- but I remember it making me flinch all the same.  Granted I've seen much worse in the 25 years since, but hey, I was only 16 at the time.