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I am getting ready to watch this for first time, 

What do guys make of this movie, do you think may feel a little out dated after the remake came in the late 90;s

I have not seen the remake yet, I have heard nothing but bad stuff about the remake, I have heard Mixs  Comment for this one.

I heard there is some kinda of twist in this movie, Which  I did not know, I still don't what the twist is! ( So no spoilers please)

As anyone seen both this and remake, are they much diffrent from one other? if that makes sense

I off to see this movie now!

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This Movie was the Inspiartion for INSANE CLOWN POSSE, am i right????

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I keep on planning to buy the original, I should do that this weekend.

Thanks for reminding me Bassi.

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Carnival of Souls (1962) is one of the most beautiful horror movies I've ever seen. Clear inspiration on Night of the Living Dead. It relies on psychological terror and a surreal, dreamlike tone.

Haven't seen the remake, but seriously if you heard terrible things don't torture yourself.

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I can't agree more with HypnoticDead89, Carnival of Souls is one of the most beautiful horror movies ever created. Though it doesn't offer much for shocks it has a quiet unsettling feeling through out the movie, that sticks with you for a while afterwards. I was just thinking about this movie the other day, it is a must see. Perhaps a little overlooked compared to other horror movies of the era, like Castle's slew of films or Rosemary's Baby or even NotLD, but it is easily on par or better than most of those films.

Edit: Also it's public domain so it's easy to find cheap or watch free online.

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^^You can't see me Theli, but I'm nodding my head in agreement.

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i watch it now in GERMAN LANGUAGE

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Original was great.  Can't remember if I saw the remake.  If I did, it left no impression on me.

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this scares the Shit out of me.

Thats how to make a Movie. ZERO Special Effects, but this Soundtrack is creepy

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Bassi, I love this movie SO Atmospheric, one of my faves.

Watch Spider Baby!!! next;)

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Just been looking this up recently, and it's free on the internet archive I believe too. Looking forward to watching it, let us know what you think Bassi

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I really enjoyed Carnival of Souls (1962). It's a well done, creepy, atmospheric horror film. I don't think it's absolutely great, but I liked it.

Haven't seen the remake.

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