Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Live and Let Die: Roger Moore is at his best as Bond. It's only downhill from here.

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The Untouchables, great movie!


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

ELIZABETHTOWN was on TV just now and man, of course I rewatched it.
I freaking LOVE this flick. And great acting by Bloom, Kirsten cute cool Dunst, Sarandon to name the most iimportant ones. Beautiful and very touching story.
I like the scene when they talk abput "they". Yup very fun movie that is on my top movies list for sure. BRILLIANT!!!

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The A-Team. Friggin' LOVE this movie!

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Men In Black 3

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Season of the Witch (2011)

Really good movie. Surprisingly brutal despite the PG-13 rating though the content does deal with the black plague. I've read reviews destroying the CGI and they're fine. This was not a 200 million dollar project. Liked the banter between Nic Cage and Ron Perlman. The film essentially borders on being a horror movie. 8/10


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Damn these idiots saying the CGI isn't good. The Devil is the most amazing one I've seen in a looong while. I dig it.

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The Warrior's Way

There's really not a story here but damn, that was a fun and unique martial arts fantasy film. 9/10

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Skyfall   very enjoyable Bond film


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Very cool movie, great story, effects, acting and of course I like it, it's on Mars so...


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Good Day To Die Hard

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Memento 8.7/10
Gangs of New York 9.3/10

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PIrates of the Carribean (2003)

I was in the mood to watch this movie, and of course it was awesome. I love how Johnny Depp really transforms himself in whatever role he's in. He pulled off being an eccentric affable Willy Wonka, a great Ed Wood, and a badass John Dillinger in Public Enemies (just to name a few). I just like how it's a fun adventure movie and it does bring lots childhood feels.


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First off, I'm a HUGE fan of Joan Jett and I find that Kristen Stewart did an amazing job playing her. So did Dakota Fanning playing Cherie Curry.
I truely love this movie even more everytime. The manager is freaking INSANE like it's unbelieveable. lol
One of my favorite films ever, of course, I worship these 2 girl actresses. Hehehe

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The Number 23

I've just always been a fan of this movie. I think it has a solid cast of actors and an interesting, original story line.

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Pulp Fiction 9.8/10

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Shogun Assassin (1980) - BAD ASS!! It was awesome but I did have high expectations. Its only faults was that it was to short and the camera zooms in way to far at times cutting out some of tbe action and the editing was choppy at times and made it hard to see what exactly was happening in a couple scenes...other than that...BAD ASS!


Sushi Girl (2012) - Wow! I was taken off gaurd with this film, and completely blown away! Some interesting characters played by the likes of Tony Todd, Mark Hammil, Noah Hathaway and James Duvall...and tbrough in Micheal Beihn, Danny Trejo and Sonny Chiba as extras for good measure! The story is well written and smart, I was suprised with how little action there really was but I was glued to the tube the whole time. It's not riddled with action but it has some pretty serious violent outbursts! Fantastic film, it may have been under the radar for a lot of folks but I highly recommend checking it out.


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Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Red Dawn (2012) - As enjoyable a rehashed, redone idea can's enjoyable and done well. Nice cast, but ofcouse had to leave the end open for a possible sequel or sequels.

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Pathfinder (2007)
It finally came in the mail. Really fantastic film, though you gotta go with the unrated version. 10/10


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Incredibly nice little piece this one is.

I has been way too long I haven't watched what for me is the most violent movie I've seen in my whole long fucked up life and last night was the time. Best french film ever made, screw De Funes. Hahaha

Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel which fell in love for the first time on the set of this. They're more than perfect in this. And a wondeful play by Romain Duris.

What a crazy movie. Wild story, wild cinematography, wild every damn thing.

I love my Director's Cut version a whole lot lemme tell ya.
Great way to show us how far you can mix up humour and brutal violence. lol


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

VANILLA SKY was on TV earlier. Cool film with a great cast that delivers.
Weird story. Not a fan of Tom at all but liked the others so... 7/10

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

A Bug's Life

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Lincoln - I've got three words for you.

Daniel Day Lewis,

Man I wish he made more movies. I only watched this to see his performance.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Damn, I'm pissed.  I don't care what the credits say, but this was a Tarantino movie.  Screw RZA (yay, a singer) and Eli Roth (don't get me started).  Funky music, blood sprays, stupid fight choreography, etc.

Oh, the movie was THe Man With the Iron Fists.

Everything from now on is  **Spoilers** And if you like the movie, don't read them.
How many things could he/they rip off?  Steal gold- check.  Clans fight- check.  Superdude (bronze/brass man)- check.  Then we get into the whole monk redemption thing that allows him to fuse an iron dick onto his Johnson.  And for shit's sake, iron is abour 5X harder that either bronze or brass (yeah, I don't give an f' anymore).  And they mad the Iron Man (the new one) noise every time Iron Fist hit BronzeOid DickWad?  And what the hell was up with that- ah, some super dude/witch/sorcerer can give you a bronze cock?

The Gemini fight scene- reverse of Kill Bill 2's The Funky 40 fight scene.  The whore fight is the same as the school girl fight.  The FUCKING mirrored wall scene?!?!?  That's not an homage, that's straight up fucking Bruce Lee with a Rotor-Rooter!

Every thing was laid out piece by piece.  Bad guys show up, take over town.  Ambush good guys.  Supersecret bad guy has to be dispatched by supersecret good guy.  They invoke animal styles by dialogue, and then totally ignore said styles?  Why not just say, "I'm Bruce Lee style," and then have him hump a vat of butter!?

This was a freaking mess.  At first, I said OK, a bit rough, but let's see what happens.  By the end, the only reason I didn't turn it off was pure evil rage at such a fucked up piece of cow turn pie this turned into.  I could even enjoy the fight scenes due to the shitty fight choreograpy, stupid weapons (I have 10 chest mounted auto-daggers), and fuck-all for making sense.

** End Spoilers **

Such a waste of my time.  If you liked it, good for you, I am glad you enjoyed your time.

But for me, I am rating this

edit- for some reason, I think Lon is going to disagree with me on this one.

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Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Funny you mention the ratings, IMDb say I rated 568 of them and they're lying..
Or maybe not.