Topic: Shogun Assassin or Lone Wolf & Cub?

Now, upon doing some digging I found out Shogun Assassin is just a re-edited version of two of the Lone Wolf that correct?

Im interested in Shogun Assassin bit should I just bypass it and watch the Lone Wolf series instead? Or just see Shogun Assassin. Also, are the Shogun Assassin sequels actually just the Lone wolf films renamed or did it actually spawn its own sequels?

Thanks for input!

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hmm...I've just watched Showgun Assassin. Don't know much about the sequels

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You are correct, sir.

The Lone Wolf and Cub flicks are good, but there are a lot of slow spots.  Shogun Assassin is basically all the best stuff from the two films, spliced together to form a new and slightly different but more compelling narrative, and given a US dub.  The action's more frequent, the dramatic bits are stronger and punchier and whoever dubbed Cub embued him with an entertainingly dry wit. 

Usually when it comes to foreign films I almost always prefer the original, but in this case, the Anglicized and amalgamated version is actually better, IMO.

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^ cool, definitely will check out SA then! What about the Shogun Assassin sequels? Are those just the Lone Wolf sequels renamed?

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Pretty much, yeah.  Parts 2-4 are each just renamed Lone Wolf and Cub films, but Shogun Assassin 5 is LWaC parts 6 and 7 mashed together.

Couldn't tell you if any of them are any good, though.  I've only have the first Shogun Assassin. hmm

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You should definitely check out Shogun Assassin. It's a ton of fun and bloody as hell.