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A couple years back, my grandmother gave me a couple of those beanie babies (manufactured by Ty). One was a little cat by the name of Pounce, and the other was a dog (I forget its name). (She also gave me a cute little elephant, which wasn't a beanie baby.)

For the past couple months, I've gotten kind of attached to Pounce the cat! He's sort of become my "backpack buddy." I take him with me wherever I go, and he's a lot of fun to play with. I swear, he's almost like a little puppet without strings! He's got little floppy arms and legs that make him extremely poseable, and you can get quite a convincing illusion of expressiveness whenever you tilt his head from side to side. Plus, whenever I'm rocking out to one of my favorite songs, I make him play air guitar! lol I like to call him Mister Pounce, but sometimes I call him Cuddles, Kit-Kat, Floppy, Ears, Snookums...

Yeah, it sounds kind of pathetic, but Mister Pounce is actually kind of a good luck charm. He actually chills me out a little, and I feel just a tad less stressed. Yeah, I know that old cliche about putting away childish things once you reach a certain age, but I think you need to stay in touch with that aspect of yourself.

"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for play!" - Capt. James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Original Series: Shore Leave

P.S. By the way, Mister Pounce's tenth birthday was just this last August 28th, so say "Happy Birthday" to Mister Pounce! big_smile

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Well...?? wink

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Well, what ever makes you happy. If mister pounce keeps you level, rock on then! Happy belated birthday to Mr. Pounce!

P.S. I think there are plenty of folks out there, that have that one special toy/thing in their lives that they really love so you're not alone!


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Happy Birthday Mr. Pounce smile
I never had a tangible, enjoyable buddy. I grew up with lots of animals though. I had a pet chicken I just adored, got it as a peep for Easter. Rabbits, dogs, rats, lizards, pigeons, ducks,cats,fish.
I never had a good luck charm either. I do like to collect gemstones.