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I'm a nice, mellow, laid back guy. But if you poke the bear too much (me), you're asking for trouble.

Same q.


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Ooh - Az the sabateur - I like it mate and I'm all ears!!! big_smile

Tbh he's pissed quite a few of the senior managers off already and he's clinging to his position by a very thin branch.

Hopefully his position will be mine soon and they'll realise what a cocky, coke-addled idiot he truly is.

But, if he keeps breathing his undeservedly rarified air I may just call on you Mr. Monkey to knock him off his bloody perch!!!

Thanks for the offer:D

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They call me Mello Yellow...

...but I ain't yeller.


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@Fulci-  Let him string it out if he's already hanging himself.  I liken it to a jerk car driver that weaves in and out of lanes speeding, and then you see the cop car chasing him, and you get to see him pulled over.

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Ok, New Question.   What are your initials?
My full initials are WMD


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No, it's NOT for Crap Puke. lol

What are your initials?

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Do you have a nickname you like?

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Wow Dead, we share some initals there...

When I was 18 I joined a touring group that had an average age of 38.  As the kid, I was initiated into all sorts of rock and roll ways...and in the end, I was given a Nickname...Buster.  I don't want to get into why...but I stuck for a few years.  Not many people call me that, but I like it.

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High school- Vicious
College- BV ("bee ve")
Now- Azzy, or monkey boy
Later- "Yes, master of all that is good and banana-like."


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Vicious is cool. Very Punk. big_smile

Mine is Cr@Cr@.

Yeah the dirty dude in Charlie Brown. Why that???
I went to see my friend at his record store with a coat I bought at Salvation Army and when he slapped my shoulder, dust came flying out so there I was named. lol
Gotta mention that his nick is Snoopy so...

Same thing for the next one.


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I've had a few nicknames.

"Sonny" -- this is what my family has called me for as far back as I can remember.  Supposedly it started when my big sister, who is only a year or so older than me, couldn't pronounce my name.

"Hooch" -- this was my nickname in the service.  It was my misfortune the just before I shipped off to basic training, there was a succcessful movie called Turner and Hooch (my last name is Turner). hmm

"Buster" -- This was a nickname only my Uncle Johnny ever called me.  My favorite uncle, he's been gone for many years now and I still miss him like crazy.

"Big Sexy" -- this was a nickname the clients at the homeless shelter I used to work for called me.  I'd been there for about a month when I heard it the first time, and like the flu it was passed on from one client to the next over the course of the entire six years I worked there.  The going away card the clients gave me before I left for another job was even made out to "Big Sexy -- don't forget us!" lol

"Loud Lon" -- a shortened version of "Loud Lonald," given to me by the singer of my old band.  Was sitting there strumming some riffs waiting for pratice night to start and our singer said something like, "There he is.  The Lon.  Lonald.  Loud Lonald."

If I had to pick just one to like, I'd go with "Buster" because I have a lot of great memories with my Uncle Johnny.  I've never liked "Sonny" (that fucker's gonna follow me to the grave, I know it), Hooch was a short time thing, Big Sexy was fun to hear but horribly inappropriate in the workplace ( lol ) and LoudLonald never really stuck, I just appropriated for an online handle.

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Lon, you just sealed your new Skype name-
BSH- Big Sexy Hooch.
Or derivatives of such- Big Hooch, Sexy Hooch,  Sexy Big (nah...) 

It tooks years, but I got it.  lol  (Or would rather me go on with the FlexMexTexSexyPlex stuff?, tongue , you fine Death Proof Marshall?)

(Over/under for how many days he bans me for?  I say 2.5, over.)

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Why do I tell you people these things? lol


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Probably 'cause you know they'll love watching the 2 of us make fun of each other for the next decade.  We're the Itchy & Scratchy of HM; I'll give you dibs on 1st pick.  big_smile


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Thanks, but can we pick some better handles?  Like Ass-Kicker and Bad-Mofo (dibs on Ass-Kicker)?


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How about I give you Sir Ass-Kicker?

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Woop woop, Lonster Big Sexy wink Off to change the Skype nickname right now....


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Enticing, but...that would make my initials SAK, and I can totally see someone making a joke about balls at my expense.

MISTER Ass-Kicker.  That's the stuff.  My intials would be MAK, which, if you add "the" in front of it, is what I am. big_smile

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Initials: AM

Nicknames: Andy, Drew, Murphy, Drewster, Murphinator, and Noodles.

Most people call me Andy, but long time friends grow tired of it and come up with ridiculous ones.

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Back in Elementary school my nickname was either T-Man or Monster Man. My middle school name was Turtlz (not turtles...turtlz). My high school nickname? Spencer, because apparently I look like the older brother off of the I-Carly Show. lol

It's an interesting Q, so I'll keep it going.


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S.C.A.V-  Subterranean Cannibalistic Aquatic Valkyrie.


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My nickname is rather boring.
Short version of my name....Marcy
And I know we passed this question but my initials are MMTM smile

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Growing up (teens to about 25) it was: Surf Pup.

Now a days it's: Underdog.

Of the two, I prefer; Udog, of course.

Same Q...

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azathoth wrote:

S.C.A.V-  Subterranean Cannibalistic Aquatic Valkyrie.

Yes! That has to be what Scav' stands for now. lol

Good work Az. smile

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Mine has always been Witch