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Here we are boys & girls with Number 4 in the series and here it is

4. ERNEST BORGNINE. Popular actor in a fair share of classic films such as From Here To Eternity, Bad Day at Black Rock, the Wild Bunch, The Posiedon Adventure etc and all round good guy. He did dabble in some of our genre and here are five examples in chronological order as usual.

1. WILLARD ( 1971). Ernest's first horror appearance was as the blowsy Al Martin, boss of quiet and lonely Willard Styles the put upon office worker who befriends a couple of rats who get their hordes to attack those who have wronged Willard their friend and Ernie ends up as a victim.Apparently a lot of his screams in the film were real, he did not like rats and i can't say i blame him, also received a bite or two during filming.

2.THE  DEVIL'S RAIN (1975) Ernest plays Jonathan Corbis a devious and devilish leader of a devil cult that threatens a starry cast of William Shatner, Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert and as a member of his devil Coven a young John Travolta. it's a sleazy B film directed by Robert Fuest and while not particularly good, it has a memorable finale and Ernie turns into a goat like devil creature.

3.THE GHOST OF FLIGHT 401 ( 1978) This was a t v movie that i can remember seeing only once late one Friday night ages ago and i remember thinking it was good. Based on true events that are well documented about a plane crash in the Florida Everglades which kills 103 people. the remains of the plane are used on other planes which results in the ghost of the pilot of the stricken plane appearing on the other planes. Ernest Borgnine plays Dom Cimoli the ghost of the pilot.

4.DEADLY BLESSING ( 1981)This was one of the early efforts from director Wes Craven, and is set in the Amish Community where a woman with her Amish Husband moves into the community. Her husband is killed in a seemingly accident but she finds sinister and disturbing things going on in the community. Ernie plays Isiah Schmidt the leader of the Amish Community and film has some good moments involving spiders in the mouth and devilish
entities. The women are good looking in the cast including Maren Jensen and a young Sharon Stone and also features an appearance from Craven Regular Michael Berryman.

5.ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK ( 1981) Not a big role for Ernie in this John Carpenter science fiction action romp where the u s president's plane crashes in new York now one big prison with criminals living, fighting and dying amongst themselves in a future world. Snake Plissken a one eyed war veteren is sent in to rescue him. Ernie plays Cabbie and does his usual lovable, toothy grinning character and is one of the people along the way that assists Snake played of course by Kurt Russell. A watchable if over rated action film.

There we go with some more films that you can seek out and see if you wish and feel free to comment. see you soon with number 5 in the series. keep it horror!

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I never knew that the cabbie in Escape From New York was Ernest Borgnine. Cool!

As for Willard, I really dig that movie. Thought it was a lot of fun (both the original & the remake).
Deadly Blessing has been on my list for awhile now, but I still haven't seen it.
The Devil's Rain sounds like it's right up my alley of interest! And guess what? It's on YouTube, full length:

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I have seen all of these except The Ghost of Flight 401.  haven't even heard of that one before!  I am making a list to watch from your lists!  smile

I absolutely loved Borgnine in The Devil's Rain with William Shatner.  Great movie.

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The Ghost of Flight 401 is the only one I've never seen, either.  In fact, I've never even heard of it.  I love when I learn something new!

Borgnine was just one of those actors who was always a welcome sight, even in many of his more dreadful flicks (I'm looking at you, Laser Mission).

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I am Lovin this series of knowledge Wolfie. keep em coming, thanks