Topic: DVD's for Sale

I have the following DVD's for sale:

Nekromantik (Barrel Entertainment)
Nekromantik 2 - Limited Edition 2 Disc Set (Barrel Entertainment)
Cannibal Holocaust - 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition (Grindhouse Releasing) Numbered Copy
                              5453/11,111 Limited Edition
Cannibal Ferox - (Grindhouse Releasing)

Haven't listed prices so anyone interested let me know and we'll talk prices. All are OOP and rare. Mint condition.

Re: DVD's for Sale

I'm VERY inetrested in Cannibal Holocaust Limited if Postal order payment is alright for you. PM me the price. Please yes woah. Cool. Big smile on my face is happening now. smile

Re: DVD's for Sale

PM sent.